Party Stats

Reorganize teams in the party and check character stats.


Check and change the Attack/Back-up team lineups.

Note: On the Party screen, Sophie will always be on the Attack team.


Check each character's stats.

LV (Combat Level)

The character's level. This will rise after accumulating experience in combat.
Combat level also affects all character stats.


Shows the amount of experience required to advance to the next level.


The character's health. It will decrease after receiving damage. If it reaches 0, the character will be incapacitated.
Returning to the Atelier will restore HP to full.


Required to use skills. Returning to the Atelier will restore MP to full.

Attack (ATK)

Affects the amount of damage done to enemies.

Defense (DEF)

Affects the amount of damage received from enemies.

Speed (SPD)

Affects the WT between actions as well as the chance of landing critical hits.

Equipment Quality

The total quality of equipped items (weapons, armor, accessories).
The greater this value is, the greater the effect it has on attack, defense and speed.

Equipment Cost

Indicates the limit of the items that can be equipped.
Each item uses up the equivalent of their item level.

Elemental Resistances

Elemental resistance can be acquired based on the equipped items. The higher each resistance the less damage you will receive from attacks using the corresponding element.


Can be checked on the stats screen of all party members other than Sophie.
The higher this value is, the greater number of Assist Skills that can be used during synthesis. Friendship will grow as you advance along each character's storyline.


By toggling the Party/Stats screens, you can check the skills available to characters.
Skills are learned as LV or Friendship increase or can be acquired as bonus skills.
There are both active and passive skills.

Active Skills

Activated during combat by consuming MP.

Passive Skills

Automatically activated without using MP.

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