Synthesis Flow

1. Select a Character 2. Select a Recipe 3. Select ingredients 4. Add ingredients 5. Select Traits

1. Select a Character

Access the cauldron and select a character to do the synthesis.
Select "Synthesis" for Sophie or "Plachta's Synthesis" for Plachta to synthesize an item.
Some items can only be synthesized by Sophie or Plachta, so you will need to consider the item you want to make and choose accordingly.

Note: Plachta's Synthesis will become available as you progress the story.

2. Select a Recipe

Select the recipe for the item you want to make.
Recipes you cannot access due to an insufficient Alchemy Lv. or insufficient ingredients will be displayed in red.

Note: Your Alchemy Level will increase as you continue to practice your alchemy.

3. Select ingredients

Select the ingredients to add.
If the ingredient is listed by category, you can choose from all of the available ingredients in that category.
The quality and effects of the finished item depends on the ingredients used to make it.

Ingredient Info

Displays information on the selected ingredient.


Refers to the quality of the ingredient. The higher this is, the better the resulting item.


Refers to the alchemical components of the ingredient. The ★ indicates a link component.


Characteristics of the ingredients. The same type of ingredient can have different traits. Finished items can inherit up to 3 traits.

Synthesized Item Info

Displays information on the completed item.
The following 5 pieces of info are displayed.

LV (Item level)

The ability required to use this item.
The character's Alchemy Level must be equal to or greater than this level to synthesize the item.


Refers to the quality of the synthesized item.
This is based on the quality of the ingredients, placement of the components, and what traits are inherited.
The higher the quality, the stronger the item's effects will be.


The number of times the item can be used.


The number of items to be created.


The range of the item's effects.


The effects of the finished item. Each item can have up to 4 effects.

4. Add ingredients

Place alchemic components on the synthesis panel.
At least one component of each ingredient needs to be placed. Then, press the designated button to start the synthesis.
You can switch out any ingredients you haven't placed in the panel.

Synthesis Controls
PS4™ Nintendo Switch™ Steam®
Keyboard Gamepad


Components that can be placed.

Super Success Rate

The possibility for the synthesis to achieve a Super Success.
Achieving Super Success will greatly increase the quality of the synthesized item.
The Super Success Rate increases as you fill the slots on the synthesis panel. Completing an entire row, whether vertical or horizontal, will greatly increase the possibility of Super Success.


The number of links of each element.

Redo Placement

Pressing the assigned button will allow you to undo the component placement or reset it again, as many times as you want.

Redo Placement Controls
PS4™ Nintendo Switch™ Steam®
Keyboard Gamepad
/ / Q/R /

Auto-Add Ingredients

You can also place the components automatically. This is convenient when you want to make lots of items quickly.

Auto-Add Ingredients Controls
PS4™ Nintendo Switch™ Steam®
Keyboard Gamepad

5. Select Traits

Select the traits you want the item to inherit.
You can transfer up to 3 traits from the ingredients to the synthesized item.

Trait Fusion

Depending on the traits selected, 2 of the traits will automatically merge, possibly creating an even more powerful trait.
Trait Fusion most commonly occurs between traits with similar effects. Some traits can only be acquired through Trait Fusion.

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