Title Menu

Press any button on the title screen to access the Title Menu.

Story so far

View a movie highlighting the story from "Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book".

New Game

Begin a new game.

Load Game

Resume a previously saved game.


Change various options, such as volume, difficulty, controls and so on.

Note: During the game, these can be adjusted in Options from the Main Menu.

About the Operation Mode in the Nintendo Switch™ version

In the Nintendo Switch™ version, you can change the performance mode by selecting "Operation Mode" from "Game Settings" in the Options.

About Key Assignments/Graphic Settings

In the Steam® version, keyboard/mouse key assignments and graphic settings can be changed using the Key Assignment and Graphic Settings in the Options.


View various extra content.

Note: The "Extras" option will be unlocked after the game has been cleared once.

Exit Game

End the game.

Note: "Exit Game" is present only in the Steam® version.

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