Assist Skills Catalysts Restricted Panel

Use Assist Skills, Catalysts, and Restricted Panels to synthesize even better items.

Note: Assist Skills, Catalysts, and Restricted Panels will become available as you progress the story.

Assist Skills

During synthesis, allies will sometimes assist you through Assist Skills.
Assist Skills can have powerful effects. They can raise the quality of items, help add more ingredients, and so on.
By linking a certain number of link components, a character with the same element as the linked components will be able to activate an Assist Skill.
Each Assist Skill can only be used once during each synthesis.

Unlocking new Assist Skills

Raising your friendship with each character will unlock new Assist Skills.
Friendship rises as you progress along each character's story.
New Assist Skills can be activated by increasing component links after activating the first unlocked skill.


Using catalysts will cause various changes to the synthesis rules.
Changes in rules can make components easier to place. It might also make it easier to manifest item effects.
Some of the changes to the synthesis rules are common to all catalysts and some will be unique to each catalyst.

Examples of changes in synthesis rules:

  • Prevent components from being overwritten.
  • Flip the components horizontally.
  • Increase effect level when a link is formed.
  • Choose when to activate Assist Skills if you have met their conditions.

Restricted Panel

A restricted panel has a portion of its slots missing.
Component placement is more complex, but it makes it possible to activate powerful effects that are not available during standard synthesis.
Switch between Standard Panel and Restricted Panel by pressing the appropriate button when selecting catalysts.

Toggle Standard Panel/Restricted Panel (when selecting catalysts) Controls
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