Elements and Status Effects

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Many actions you can take in battle, such as attacks, skills, items, and so on, will have elemental characteristics.
Elements can be split into primary elements and secondary elements.
Targeting your enemies' elemental vulnerabilities can deal high damage. Elements can be checked when choosing your actions during combat or from the main menu.

Primary Elements

There are two primary elements: Physical, Magical.

How to check primary elements

Attacks & Skills Party/Stats
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Secondary Elements

There are four secondary elements: fire, ice, wind, lightning.

How to check secondary elements

Attacks & Skills Party/Stats
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Status Effects

During combat, characters can become affected by status effects. A character's status can be checked in "Party Info."
There are both positive and negative status effects. There are also those that recover over time and those that are permanent.

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Positive status effects:

Acceleration Shortens the WT between turns.
Damage Reduction Reduces damage received from enemy attacks.
HP Regen Restores a portion of max HP each turn.
MP Regen Restores a portion of max MP each turn.
Skill Damage Boost Increases skill damage.
Item Damage Boost Increases item damage.

Negative status effects:

Poison Reduces HP on each turn.
Sleep Prevents from taking an action. Increases damage taken, but dispels after being hit with an attack.
Curse Reduces magic resistance, prevents HP recovery or may even reduce HP when attempting recovery.
Burns Deal additional fire magic damage when attacked.
Frostbite Reduces physical resistance and extends the WT.
Paralysis Can prevent from taking an action on next turn.
Restraints Make it impossible to evade attacks and can turn them into critical hits.


There are some powerful monsters that are surrounded by an aura.
Monsters with auras can do things like lessen the damage they receive or activate Reaction Skills when hit by certain types of attacks or certain elemental attacks.

Reaction Skills

Monsters with auras can activate Reaction Skills when hit by certain types of attacks or with a specific elemental attribute.
Since these are immediate counter-attacks that cause damage, you should always stay wary of the type of aura these monsters have.
Information on an enemy's aura can be found in the enemy info display.

Aura Gauge

The gauge shows the remaining aura strength.
The aura gauge will decrease when you deal damage to the monster with attacks or skills.
There are different types of auras. You can greatly decrease the aura gauge by fulfilling certain conditions, like attacking with the element that that aura is weak against.

Aura Break

When the aura gauge drops to 0, the aura will be broken.
After a monster's aura is broken, its SE and damage resistance will be decreased, while its WT will be increased.
The character that successfully broke an enemy's aura will receive additional TP and take an extra turn.


During combat, weather can affect attack strength and may also cause extra damage due to lightning strikes and blizzards.
In some fights, you can change the weather using a character's special skills, to give your side an advantage.

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