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You can gather materials by pressing the designated button near a gathering point.

Gathering, Swing/Charged Swing (hold in front of a specified gathering point) Controls
PS4™ Nintendo Switch™ Steam®
Keyboard Gamepad

How to Gather

Methods of gathering will vary based on the gathering point.

Gathering with hands

Gather materials without the use of staff/gathering tools.

Gathering using a staff

Gather by hitting with a swing of the staff.
By holding down the button in front of certain gathering points, like some trees, you can perform a charged swing. This allows you to gather a large amount of materials at once.

Gathering with Gathering Tools

Gather by using the gathering tool needed for that gathering point.

Gathering Tools

Some of the gathering points will only allow you to gather materials if you have the appropriate gathering tool equipped, like a Fishing Rod or Grass Sickle.
Gathering tools can be checked/equipped using "Items" in the Main Menu.

Gathering Rank

Gathering rank indicates your experience with each gathering method.
The higher your gathering rank, the more rare materials you will find at a gathering point.

How to raise your Gathering Rank

Gathering by hand/staff Acquire abilities.
Gathering with Gathering ToolsSynthesize gathering tools with special effects.

Major Gathering

Major Gathering is available at particularly brightly glowing gathering points.
By interacting with such a point using the appropriate gathering tool, you will be able to choose the desired material and begin a mini-game.
You will receive the chosen material after the mini-game ends, and various bonuses will be added to the material based on game results.
The required gathering tool and the mini-game will vary depending on the gathering point.

Example of Bonuses

  • Components added to the material.
  • Increased number of materials.
  • Higher quality materials.

Major Gathering Points

Major Gathering: Bug Catching

Exploration Equipment

Equipping exploration equipment brings various effects to exploration and combat. Equipment can be checked/equipped in "Items" in the Main Menu.

Effect Examples

  • Increases movement speed.
  • Makes it easier to flee from an enemy during combat.
  • Increases the experience earned during combat.

Weather Control

Using certain items at "Dreamspace Stones" will allow you to change the weather.
Items needed to change the weather can be synthesized at the atelier.

Note: The ability to change the weather will become available as the story progresses.


Using a certain exploration equipment at a bonfire will allow you to set up a tent and rest.
Resting will restore the HP and MP of your party members. You will also be able to skip ahead by setting the time.
The level of recovery and the number of times you can rest are determined by the effect of the exploration equipment used.

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