Synthesis Basics

Recipe Ideas What are Components? Placing Components

Synthesis combines multiple ingredients to create a new item.
Items made through synthesis can be used in exploring, gathering, and combat. They can be an explorer's best friend.
Synthesis requires a recipe and the ingredients specified in it.

Recipe Ideas

Upon fulfilling certain conditions, you will be able to devise recipes for new items.
The required conditions can be checked from the menu's "Recipe Ideas."

Note: You can also get ideas for recipes from reference books. These can be bought at the shops or sometimes received as payment for completing a request.

The Recipe Tree

The recipe tree shows the order recipes can be learned. It can be checked in "Recipe Ideas."

Recipes connected by yellow lines

These can be unlocked as soon as the conditions are met.

Recipes connected by gray lines

You will need to unlock other recipes until you reach one connected with a yellow line or reach a specific point in the story.

What are Components?

Each item has a component panel.
By placing the ingredients' components on the synthesis panel, you can raise the quality of the final item or add various effects.
The number/element/shape of each ingredient's components will differ.



All components are aligned with 1 or more of 5 elements: fire, ice, wind, lightning, or light.

Ordinary Components

Placing these on the synthesis panel will raise the final item's quality and effect levels.

Link Components

These are displayed in a brighter color than the ordinary components.
Like with the ordinary components, placing these on the synthesis panel will raise the final item's quality and effect levels.
Placing link components with the same element next to each other on the synthesis panel will create a link.

Placing Components

How you place the components will determine the quality and effects of the item you synthesize.
Adjusting the placement can improve your result.
There is also a restricted panel for higher levels of synthesis.

Increase the Quality by Filling the Panel

The finished item's quality will change based on how much of the synthesis panel you fill.
An item's quality determines how powerful it will be when used.

Overwriting Components

If one component is placed on top of another, the older component will be overwritten and disappear from the synthesis panel.

Applying Effects

An item's effects are decided by the recipe. There can be a maximum of 4 effects.
By placing components on the synthesis panel, you can raise the levels of the effects with the same element as the component.
Once the effect level reaches the taller bar, the effect will be applied to the item.
After an effect is applied, it can be strengthened if you raise it to the next tall bar.
Make sure to select ingredients that will unlock the effect you want.

Note: There is an upper limit to effect levels.

Always match the slot and the component element

Place a component with a matching element in the slot with an element marked on it to raise the effect level by one, and make it easier to apply effects.

Forge a link

Placing link components next to each other will create a link.
With a link, that element's effect level limit will rise, allowing you to apply an even more powerful effect.
Increasing the number of links can trigger an Assist Skill that will improve your overall result.

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