Game Objective

Prologue How to Play


Sophie and Plachta have left Kirchen Bell to continue their travels.
Sophie's goals are to pass the official alchemist license exam and give Plachta back her human body.
During their journey, they find a mysterious tree in a forest, and suddenly are sucked into a magic swirl.
When Sophie awakes, she is in a small shop in the corner of a strange town called Roytale.
From Alette, the girl who found her while she was unconscious, and Pirka, the owner of the shop, Sophie learns the shocking truth.
She learns that Roytale is located in a different world, the dream world of Erde Wiege, and that no one has seen Plachta, who should have been sucked in with her. With a group of new friends, Sophie sets off on a new adventure to reunite with Plachta.

How to Play

The player controls Sophie while exploring the world.
You will need to explore, gather, synthesize, and fight various enemies, devising new alchemic recipes along the way, to progress the story.


・Traverse the world while gathering materials.
・Get specific materials at major gathering spots.
・Grow and harvest a variety of materials in a greenhouse.


・Use gathered materials to synthesize items.
・Make better items by using catalysts and restricted panels.
・Grow friendships with your allies and activate Assist Skills.


・Get experience and materials from fighting enemies.
・Cooperate with allies to gain an advantage.
・Use "Dual Triggers" to turn the tables.

Devise new alchemy recipes through gathering/synthesis/fighting.
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