Things to Do in Town

Atelier Shop Requests Greenhouse Growing Talking to Residents


This is the base of Sophie's operations. Here she will synthesize and take care of her items.

Alchemy Cauldron

Synthesize items.


Save, load, and use the changing room.


Check and organize items.


Set the time to skip ahead.


The Shops in the commercial district sell items like equipment and alchemy ingredients, and will buy items from you, as well.
Each shop has a different lineup of goods.

Pirka's Emporium

At one of the shops, Pirka's Emporium, you can duplicate and restock certain items.

Note: Duplicating and Restocking items will become available as you progress the story.


After selecting an item from the container, you can pay money to have it duplicated.
The cost of duplication is based on the quality and rank of the item.


You can restock items you have used up while in the field.
Talk to Pirka, choose "Restock," pay the cost, and the number of uses of the specified item will be restored to maximum.
If you turn the Auto Restock on, your equipped items will be automatically restocked when you return to the atelier, as long as you have enough money.
If you don't have enough money, Auto Restock will be turned off and your items will not be restocked. To turn it back on, you will need to talk to Pirka again.


The Crystal Sparkle Pavilion in the Commercial District is where the town residents post their requests.
You can talk to Kati, who runs the store, to hear these requests. After completing one, just report the results to Kati again and she will give you your payment.
You can check the "Story Menu" for Requests that you are currently undertaking.

Request Ranks

Requests have difficulty ranks from C to EX.

C - S rank requests You can accept requests up to one rank higher than your Adventurer Grade.
EX rank requests These are special Requests from Kati. They become available at various points throughout the story.

Note: You can check the Request Rank and your Adventurer Grade when you accept/report a request.

Adventurer Grade

Your Adventurer Grade will rise after completing an Advancement Quest.
As you fulfil normal requests, Sophie's fame will grow. Once it reaches a certain level, you will be able to accept an Advancement Quest.

Greenhouse Growing

As the game progresses, you will gain access to the greenhouse.
You can synthesize seeds and plant them in the greenhouse. You will be able to harvest materials after a certain time. Seeds with higher quality will produce better materials.
The materials that will grow will depend on the type of seed and greenhouse.

Talking to Residents

There are many residents in the town.
When you talk to them, they will sometimes give you items, some of which can be used for alchemy.

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