Combat Basics

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Combat Flow

Start Combat

Combat starts when you come into contact with a monster or hit it with a swing.
When you hit it with a swing, you'll get TP (Technical Points) and start the fight with an advantage.

Victory and Defeat

You win battles and gain experience and materials by reducing all enemies' HP to 0.
If the HP of all party members drop to 0, you lose the fight. You will be returned to the Atelier and lose a portion of the materials you had gathered.

Note: If you lose a fight that is vital to the progress of the story, you will be able to choose between the following options: Retry Battle/Return to Atelier/Load Save Data.


In Combat, your party will be divided into 2 teams, the Attack team and the Back-up team.
Arranging the teams can be done in "Party/Stats" in the main menu.

Attack Team The Attack team will fight the enemies directly.
They can attack or use items or skills every turn. Including Sophie, the Attack team can have up to 3 people.
Back-up Team The Back-up team supports the Attack team from the back row when they use TP (Technical Points) or DG (Dual Gauge) to activate special commands.
If the entire Attack teams' HP falls to 0, the Back-up team will advance to the front line and fight the monsters.
The Back-up team can have up to 3 people, excluding Sophie.

Combat Screen


Members of the Attack team.

Basic Commands

A character's basic actions.


Attack the enemy with a normal strike.


Flee from the enemy. If successful, combat will end.

Note: There are some fights you cannot flee from.


Use an item that the character has equipped.


Block the enemy attack and reduce the amount of damage received.


Use one of the character's active skills. Requires MP.

TP (Technical Points)

These are points necessary to activate Twin Actions and Support Guard.

DG (Dual Gauge)

Gauge used to activate the Dual Triggers.


The order of the characters' actions. Characters/enemies will act in the order from left to right.

Enemy Info

Enemy Actions

You can check which member will be the target of the enemy's attack by pressing the assigned button on the combat screen.

Show Enemy Actions Controls
PS4™ Nintendo Switch™ Steam®
Keyboard Gamepad

Check Enemy Info

When selecting the target of an attack, you can review an enemy's information by pressing the assigned button.

Display Enemy Info Controls
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Keyboard Gamepad
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