Basic Controls:

Basic Controls (For all screens)

/ Select Item
Note: Only directional keys during combat.
/ Toggle Tabs

Exploration Controls

Swing / Charged Swing (hold in front of a gathering point)
Open Main Menu
Display Story Menu
Display World Map
Skip (events only)
Move/Move Cursor (on the World Map)
Camera Controls
(+) Sprint (default)
Toggle Map (2 levels)
Zoom In
Toggle Tabs (Guide/World Map)
Zoom Out
Toggle Tabs (Guide/World Map)
Reset Camera
Photo Mode
Display Event Log
Display Full Map
Recipe Ideas Screen
Field Restoratives

Synthesis Controls

Synthesize Materials (when choosing ingredients with insufficient ingredients)
(hold) Fast-forward Synthesis
View Effects (when choosing a recipe)
Show Simplified Info (when choosing ingredients)
Open Submenu (when choosing ingredients)
Change Catalyst (when adding ingredients before placing components)
Add to Favorites (when choosing a recipe)
Synthesize Materials (when choosing ingredients)
Synthesize (when adding ingredients)
Confirm Traits (when carrying over Traits)
Display Related Items
/ Move Alchemic Component (when adding ingredients)
/ Toggle Synthesis Panel (when choosing a catalyst)
Redo / Undo (when adding ingredients after placing components)
Rotate the Component (when adding ingredients)
Change Character (when choosing a recipe)
Auto-Add Materials (when adding ingredients)
Change Character (when choosing a recipe)
Check Traits (when choosing/adding ingredients)

Combat Controls

Display Party Info
Display Enemy Info (while choosing a target)
Toggle Item Info (while choosing items)
// Support Guard (when enemy attacks)
Skip Support Guard (when enemy attacks)
Skip Animation (while activating Dual Trigger)
Display Related Items (while selecting items)
Display Enemy Actions
+(//) Twin Actions
Dual Trigger
Toggle Animation Speed (3 levels)
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