Basic Controls:
Nintendo Switch™

Controls Changing the Operation Mode


Basic Controls (For all screens)

/ Select Item
Note: Only directional buttons during combat.
/ Toggle Tabs

Exploration Controls

Swing / Charged Swing (hold in front of a gathering point)
Open Main Menu
Display Story Menu
Display World Map
Skip (events only)
Move/Move Cursor (on the World Map)
Camera Controls
(+) Sprint (default)
Toggle Map (2 levels)
Zoom In
Toggle Tabs (Guide/World Map)
Zoom Out
Toggle Tabs (Guide/World Map)
Reset Camera
Photo Mode
Display Event Log
Display Full Map
Recipe Ideas Screen
Field Restoratives

Synthesis Controls

Synthesize Materials (when choosing ingredients with insufficient ingredients)
(hold) Fast-forward Synthesis
View Effects (when choosing a recipe)
Show Simplified Info (when choosing ingredients)
Open Submenu (when choosing ingredients)
Change Catalyst (when adding ingredients before placing components)
Add to Favorites (when choosing a recipe)
Synthesize Materials (when choosing ingredients)
Synthesize (when adding ingredients)
Confirm Traits (when carrying over Traits)
Display Related Items
/ Move Alchemic Component (when adding ingredients)
/ Toggle Synthesis Panel (when choosing a catalyst)
Redo / Undo (when adding ingredients after placing components)
Rotate the Component (when adding ingredients)
Change Character (when choosing a recipe)
Auto-Add Materials (when adding ingredients)
Change Character (when choosing a recipe)
Check Traits (when choosing/adding ingredients)

Combat Controls

Display Party Info
Display Enemy Info (while choosing a target)
Toggle Item Info (while choosing items)
// Support Guard (when enemy attacks)
Skip Support Guard (when enemy attacks)
Skip Animation (while activating Dual Trigger)
Display Related Items (while selecting items)
Display Enemy Actions
+(//) Twin Actions
Dual Trigger
Toggle Animation Speed (3 levels)

Changing the Operation Mode

In the Nintendo Switch™ version, you can choose one of the two types of operation mode from "Operation Mode" in the "Game Settings".
"Game Settings" can be accessed from Options in the Title Menu or the Main Menu.

Quality Prioritizes graphics quality, increasing the processing load.
Performance Prioritizes smooth performance over graphics quality.

Note: The operation mode will initially be set to "Quality".

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