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Menu Details

The Status screen will show you each character's stats, as well as their current equipment and formation position.


Your stats will increase each time you gain a level. Head into battle in order to gain experience points (EXP) and level up.


This decreases as you take damage. Once it reaches 0, you'll be knocked unconscious. All of your HP will be restored when you return to your homebase.


This affects how much damage you deal to enemies.


This affects how much damage you take from enemies.


This affects how quickly your turn will come, as well as your critical hit rate.

Equip Quality

This is based on the total quality of the items (weapons / armor / accessories) you have equipped. The higher this is, the greater bonuses you'll get to your ATK, DEF, and SPD.


This is related to your Core Items.
If a Core Item's level is higher than a character's dexterity, they won't be able to equip that item.

Element Resist

This indicates the elemental resistance of your equipment.


Each character can have a role within the team that grants them special attributes.
Your role is determined by the Role Level of your equipped gear (weapon, armor, and accessory).

Base Roles

  • Attacker: Increases ATK and critical rates.
  • Defender: Increases DEF, and you're more likely to be targeted by enemies.
  • Supporter: Increases SPD, and you'll sometimes gain extra AP.
  • Novice: No special stats or effects.


This displays each character's active and passive skills.

Active Skills

These are abilities you can use in battle by spending AP.
As you level up, you'll unlock more active skills to put to use.
Some skills may also gain additional effects as your Tactics Level goes up.

Passive Skills

These will automatically activate during battle.
You'll learn different passive skills as you complete party quests.

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