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Core Items & CC

Core Items Core Charge (CC)

Core Items

Core Items are items that have been registered to a Core Crystal. Characters can equip more than one Core Item.
While exploring or battling, characters can only use the items that they've equipped as Core Items.
To use a Core Item, you must have enough CC (Core Charge) required by each item. If you don't have enough, that item is no longer available to you.

Registering Core Items

To register a Core Item, go to Main Menu > Equipment. But keep in mind that if the item's level is higher than a character's dexterity, that character won't be able to register it to their Core Crystal.
The maximum number of items you can register to a Core Crystal depends on your equipped weapon (up to 4).

Core Charge (CC)

Core Charge (CC) is the resource needed to use Core Items. Each time you use a Core Item, some CC will be consumed. Without ample CC, you won't be able to use items when you need to.

Converting Items

If you run out of CC, you can give up an item for the rest of your exploration to replenish it. This process is called "Item Convert."
Converting 1 item will fully replenish your CC.
Any items you convert will become available again once you return to your homebase.

You can convert items during battle by pressing down on the button at the item selection screen, or go to Main Menu > Basket / Container.

Controls / Convert (During Battle)
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