Field Basics

The Field Screen Safety Flowers Leap Stones & Flying Full Map

The Field Screen

Gathering Point

This is where you gather materials. Approach it and press the assigned button to begin gathering.

Controls / Check
PS4® Nintendo Switch™ Steam®
Keyboard Controller
Controls / Swing
PS4® Nintendo Switch™ Steam®
Keyboard Controller


This shows the current time and weather. It will change on its own as you move around the field.
Some villagers and monsters will only appear at certain times of day.


This displays the current area.

Gathering Tools

Swing these around to collect materials or attack enemies.
You can equip synthesized gathering tools by going to homebase
"main menu > gathering tools". Using different tools on the same gathering point can yield different materials.
Press the assigned button to rotate through your tools.

Controls / Change Gathering Tools
PS4® Nintendo Switch™ Steam®
Keyboard Controller
Hold+ Hold + Hold Q+H Hold +


Battle will begin as soon as you come into contact with a monster. You can also swing your gathering tool at them to gain an advantage when battle starts.

Safety Flowers

Approach a Safety Flower to fully restore your HP and CC.
Doing so will also change the time of day.
Using a Safety Flower will disable it until you return to your homebase.

Leap Stones & Flying

Leap Stones

Some gathering areas contain Leap Stones, which you can use to jump to new areas if you have Wind Spirit Shoes with the right attributes.


Some gathering areas may contain small whirlwinds. If you've got Wind Spirit Shoes with the right attributes, you can leap in to reach higher areas.

Full Map

Full Map will show you the general part of the world you're currently in.

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