Action Points

What Are Action Points? Tactics Level Quick Actions Fatal Drive

What Are Action Points?

Action Points (AP) are a shared resource used exclusively in battle.
You'll consume AP in order to unleash special skills.

Tactics Level

If you press the assigned button when your AP is at maximum, your Tactics Level will increase (up to 5).

Benefits of Higher Tactic Level

  • Combo hits on normal attacks (up to 3)
  • Increased maximum AP
  • Increased Skill Level and extra abilities for some skills
  • Increased EXP gain (if level 3 or above)
Controls / Increase Tactics Level
PS4® Nintendo Switch™ Steam®
Keyboard Controller

Quick Actions

These cost 10 AP to unleash.
In exchange, the character you control can immediately execute an action regardless of their position on the timeline.
However, the only actions available to you will be SKILL or ITEM.

Controls / Execute Quick Action
PS4® Nintendo Switch™ Steam®
Keyboard Controller

Fatal Drive

This is a super move that becomes available once your Tactics Level is at max (level 5).
Each character can only use the move once per battle.
And each time you use it, your Tactics Level will return to 1.

Note: Each character's fatal drive will unlock when they reach level 40.

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(if level 3 or above)