In the Field

Ryza's Room Guideposts Shops Gold Coin Exchange

Ryza's Room

This will serve as your homebase during the early parts of the story.
While in the field, press the assigned button to return directly to Ryza's room.

Controls / Return to Room
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Keyboard Controller

Alchemy Cauldron

This is where you'll synthesize in the early parts of the game.


Here you can save and load.


Use this to change the time of day.


Organize your items according to a variety of settings.


Use the guideposts scattered around the island to instantly move to different locations.


Here you can purchase materials, equipment, and recipe books.

Gold Coin Exchange

You'll sometimes find Gold Coins while you're out in the field.
Once you gather enough, go talk to Lubart and exchange them for special items.

Note: This feature will become available once you reach a certain point in the story.

How to obtain Gold Coins

  • Find in treasure chests
  • Receive as quest rewards
  • Dropped by enemies
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