Secret Hideout

Hideout Garden Weapon Enhancement Memory Map Redecorating

As the story progresses, Ryza will move her base of operations to her secret hideout (Atelier Ryza).
This hideout has all the same features of Ryza's room, plus more.
Each of these features will unlock as the story continues to unfold.

Hideout Garden

Here you can plant seeds that you synthesize. You'll have to wait a certain period of time to harvest the materials, and the seed quality and traits will affect the quality and traits of the end materials.

Weapon Enhancement

You can add materials to your weapons in order to improve them.
The stat increase is determined by the materials you use, and you may also be able to transfer material traits to the weapon.
Some materials may also pass on additional special effects to the weapon. But choose wisely, because you can only enhance a weapon once.

Memory Map

The Memory Map collects all the places your adventure has taken you so far.
It also allows you to immediately travel to each of these areas.

Whenever you discover a landmark in the field, this will be recorded in your Exploration Log.
The exact content of the log will change depending on who you ask to write in it.


You can synthesize items that will let you change the interior and exterior appearance of your hideout.
You can change decorations using the diary (for interior) or the guidepost outside (for exterior).

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