Synthesis Basics

What Is Synthesis? Elements Material Loops Recipe Morph

What Is Synthesis?

Synthesis is the act of combining together different materials to create a completely new item. These synthesized items are useful for exploration, gathering, battle, and more.
You can use the cauldron at your atelier to synthesize items.
Keep in mind that synthesis requires item recipes.

How to Get Recipes

  • Modify existing recipes
  • Buy them from shops
  • Complete quests


Items and materials are each associated with at least one of the four elements: fire, ice, lightning, and wind.
Check an item's details to see its element.





Material Loops

Once you select a recipe, you'll see its Material Loop.

What Is a Material Loop?

A Material Loop allows you to synthesize an item by adding the right number of materials to it.
Each Material Loop has its own material requirements and associated element.


This indicates what kinds of materials you're able to use.


Every Material Loop has a designated element.





You can use materials of any element, but if you use enough materials with the proper element, you can uncover a new effect.

Element Value

Once you add the required amount, the Material Loop will level up and reveal its effect.

Loop Shape

The Material Loop may change shape depending on the new effect.

Effects / Trait Slots

Recipe Morph

Special Material

Other (Quality, Equipment Stats, etc.)

Connecting Material Loops

You'll open up connected Material Loops once you add enough materials to the original loop.
Locked Material Loops can only be unlocked by matching the Element Value of the original loop.

Leveling Up Material Loops

Adding materials that have the same element as the Material Loop will raise its Element Value, and eventually the loop will level up.
Once you level it up, the Material Loop's latent effect will be unlocked. As you continue to level it up, even stronger effects may appear.

Recipe Morph

When leveling up a special Material Loop marked with "Recipe" it can transform into a completely new recipe.
Keep transforming this recipe, and eventually you'll complete all possible new recipes.

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