Controlling Adjutants

Adjutant Settings Tactics Activation Settings

Tactics equipped by units will automatically activate, but units led by officers who have been set as Adjutants are able to activate their tactics at a timing of their choice.

Note: Adjutants can be set after you reach a rank of Regional Governor.

Note: The higher your Rank grows, the more Adjutants you can have.

Adjutant Settings

Adjutants can be set during the Strategy phase by using the Adjutant tab on the list on the right side of the screen. After setting an Adjutant, at least 30 days have to pass before you can actually activate a tactic.

Tactic Gauge

An Adjutant's tactic gauge can be accumulated for a maximum of 3 stages. Red→Yellow→Green
The tactics effect will become more powerful depending on which stage has been accumulated.

Auto Activation Button

If ON, tactics will automatically activate.

Tactics Activation Settings

When a tactic is selected, a target for tactic activation is also selected. By passing the cursor over the target, you can check the effective range of the tactic.

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