The honmaru serves as the base of the Touken Danshi.
From the honmaru, you can upgrade the Touken Danshi, buy items at the shop, review the story, and more.
The honmaru itself develops along with the Touken Danshi, allowing you to obtain more koban and materials.

Honmaru level

If you dispatch the Touken Danshi to various locations in the honmaru, after fighting repeated battles, the level of your honmaru will rise.
As the level of your honmaru rises, the locations you can dispatch the Touken Danshi, the number you can dispatch, as well as the items you can buy at the shop will increase.


At the honmaru, you can dispatch the Touken Danshi to various locations, such as the Inner Chambers, Kitchen, Garden, Veranda, and Recreation Room.
When you dispatch the Touken Danshi to such locations, they will gain experience, and their bonds will be deepened.
Experience, rewards, and bond levels increase for the Touken Danshi when you finish battles they have sortied out to.


Select "Sortie" to advance the story.


Select "Replay" to use the Touken Danshi to fight battles you have cleared as many times as you want.
When you replay a battle, the Touken Danshi gain experience, deepen bonds, and receive rewards just as they do when they sortie.


After choosing the Touken Danshi you want to upgrade from the Upgrade Menu, you can select "Unlock Ability", "Change Special Attack", or "Change Item".


You can buy materials and items to upgrade Touken Danshi with at the shop.


In "Memoirs", you can enjoy extras such as music, voice clips, and conversations that you've unlocked so far.
The goodies you can view and listen to in Memoirs will increase as you progress through the story and level up the Touken Danshi.


From "Settings", you can check and change various features.
You can save or load data at the honmaru from "Save Data".
From the "Guide", you can check controls and browse the glossary.
You can also adjust DLC settings from here.

Photo Mode

You can take and save pictures of the Touken Danshi in Photo Mode.
Photo Mode is accessible at both the honmaru and during battles.
Honmaru: Zl
In-battle: Zl, or Zl on the Information Screen



Inner Chambers

A place the saniwa spent a lot of their time.
You can receive a nice balance of koban and materials from this location.


Where food for all the honmaru's members is prepared.
You can receive a lot of honmaru points necessary for leveling up the honmaru from this location.


A spot that gets a lot of sun and is rich with thick vegetation.
You can receive a lot of materials from this location.


A place that's perfect for enjoying a chat over a cup of tea.
When two Touken Danshi are dispatched here, they can greatly improve their bonds.

Recreation Room

An area for relaxing and passing the time.
You can receive a lot of koban from this location.

  • Sending Touken Danshi to locations other than the inner chambers will sometimes allow you to play mini-games.
  • Clear mini-games to get rewards. The current Honmaru Level may influence what rewards you receive.



Unlock Ability

You can use materials to unlock abilities.
Abilities from the same tier can be unlocked in any order you like.
If you have enough materials, you can unlock multiple abilities at the same time.
The core ability of a tier can be unlocked when all other abilities of the same tier have been unlocked. When you unlock all abilities in one tier, the next tier will become available.

Change Special Attack

You can set special attacks to a button and freely use them during battle.
Set which attacks you want to use.

Change Item

You can equip items at the time of purchase or at any time through Change Items under the Upgrade Menu.
You can increase the number of items each Touken Danshi can equip by unlocking their abilities.



Movie Gallery

Look back on the story, Bond Conversations, or Battle Forecasts.

Voice Gallery

Listen to voice clips of the Touken Danshi.

Music Album

Listen to music that has played during the game.

Special Missions

Check the tasks and rewards of special missions.

Photo Mode

Photo Mode

Take and save pictures of the Touken Danshi at the honmaru or during battles.
You can freely use and arrange stamps and filters, and then post your photos to SNS services.

  • Photos taken using the PC version are stored in the save data folder.
  • With the Nintendo Switch™ version, you can post photos using the share feature.