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Welcome! This section is dedicated to providing you with information on technical assistance, replacement of new defective products, and consumer alerts.

Customer Service Representatives
Answers to frequently asked questions can be found on this page. If you cannot find an answer to your question here, please use our new Game Support/Contact Form for GAME inquiries.

* Clicking “Game Support/Contact Form” will take you to the input page of our "" domain. This domain is safe and secure and is part of our official customer support page.

Please submit your inquiries in the "Contact Form" only, and we will reply to you via email. To access, please use the latest PC browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox), or smartphone (iOS8 or higher Safari, Android4.2 or higher Chrome).

THIS IS FOR TECHNICAL SUPPORT ONLY. Customer Service Representatives do NOT provide Game Hints or Tips and do NOT accept game ideas. Depending on your inquiry, please know that we may not always have answers or might take some time to respond to your inquiry.

For NON-GAME inquiries, please email at

Damaged, Scratched Discs or Discs that "Freeze"
If you purchased your game new from your retailer and discovered a damaged or scratched disc when you first opened the case or encounter a disc that "freezes", please return the game back to the retailer for an exchange based on their store policy. If you have a damaged disc, but the above does not apply to you, please refer to KOEI TECMO’s limited warranty policy information found in the back of your game manual.

Future Products
The latest information on future KOEI TECMO games can be found in the Games section. If the game you are looking for does not appear, we have no information at this time. Keep checking back from time to time for updates.

Game Hints and Tips
Visit the forums to find hints and tips for your favorite KOEI TECMO games. You may also find help at: and (These sites are not operated by KOEI TECMO and therefore beyond KOEI TECMO's control. KOEI TECMO is not responsible for the content and does not guarantee the privacy and security of data collected and maintained by these sites).

Game Ideas
KOEI TECMO does NOT accept any outside game ideas at this time.

Game Manuals
Contact our Customer Service Representatives by email. Please include the title, platform and shipping address in the e-mail. A Representative will get back to you shortly.

English Manual for Dynasty Warriors:GUNDAM (PLAYSTATION®3) (6.1MB)*
English Manual for Dynasty Warriors:GUNDAM (Xbox 360™)(6.1MB)*
*requires Acrobat Reader (available here)

Website Support
For technical problems related to this website, contact

Technical Support

PC Game Support
For PC Game Technical Support, please visit the game's minisite for details, before contacting a Customer Service Representative.

Dynasty Warriors®5 Empires 2-Player Co-op Play in Empires or Free Mode
Proceed through the Strategy Phase screens until you get to the UNIT screen. At the UNIT screen assign officers as you would in a 1-Player game, and then select OK. A brief event may follow. Then at the Battle Preparation screen, "2P PRESS START" will appear at the top of the screen. Press START on the 2P controller.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms®X Consumer Alert: Multiplayer Mode
We recognize that consumers were informed that Romance of the Three Kingdoms X is a 1-8 player (offline) game. Romance of the Three Kingdoms X is a single player game. This does not affect other parts of the game. We view this as a serious issue and are doing everything we can to alert consumers who have purchased the game. If you would like to obtain additional information, please contact our Customer Service Representatives.