Atelier Ryza’s Download Contents

UPDATE 12/10/2019

Character Costumes

Swimsuits for the 6 party members are here!
Change characters into these costumes, and enjoy seeing them in event scenes and during battle.

Release date: December 17th
Content ・Sunlight Flower (Ryza's Costume)
・Elegant Mermaid (Klaudia's Costume)
・Muscle Volcano (Lent's Costume)
・Captain Tao (Tao's Costume)
・Ocean Dandy (Empel's Costume)
・Cool Selenite (Lila's Costume)

Sunlight Flower
(Ryza's Costume)

Elegant Mermaid
(Klaudia's Costume)

Muscle Volcano
(Lent's Costume)

Captain Tao
(Tao's Costume)

Ocean Dandy
(Empel's Costume)

Cool Selenite
(Lila's Costume )

Note: Release date may change.
Note: The respective character must be in your party.
Note: Can be changed from the diary on the desk in Ryza's room or atelier.
Note: This content is included in the Season Pass "Kurken Island Jam-packed Pass". Be careful to avoid making a redundant purchase.