Atelier Ryza’s Download Contents

UPDATE 11/8/2019

Stylish Weapon Skins

Change the appearance of weapons! 3 styles of skins are included for each content.
The weapon skins can be used in event scenes and during battle.

Release date: November 19th

Stylish Weapon Skins – Ryza

  • Red Hot Cooking Stick

  • Rainbow Grapevine

  • Blooming Sun Rod

Stylish Weapon Skins – Klaudia

  • Roasted Corn (Soy Sauce)

  • Bearded Bamboo

  • Glass Flute

Stylish Weapon Skins – Lent

  • Rice Cake Smasher

  • Log

  • Icicle Breaker

Stylish Weapon Skins – Tao

  • Party Hammer

  • A Certain Blacksmith's Mallet

  • Starry Night

Stylish Weapon Skins – Empel

  • Summer Festival Fan

  • Fairy Tale Stick

  • Tropical King's Iron Fist

Stylish Weapon Skins – Lila

  • Meow Meow Scissors

  • BBQ Meat Trifecta

  • Mariner

Note: Release date may change.
Note: The respective character must be in your party.
Note: This content only changes the appearance of the weapons. Weapon performance is unaffected.
Note: Can be changed from the diary on the desk in Ryza's room or in Ryza’s atelier.
Note: This content is included in the Season Pass "Kurken Island Jam-packed Pass". Be careful to avoid making a redundant purchase.