Start the day in the atelier. Learn many recipes to synthesize tools and medicines.


Running out of materials? Not to worry! Go out gathering and you should be able to collect them.


Oh no, monsters have appeared in gathering areas! Hire adventurers in town and defeat the monsters together.


Become friends by adventuring together and taking requests. Some events will occur as you get to know each other better!


An atelier that Marie is borrowing from the academy. You can synthesize and check your assignments.

【Sky Tavern】

A restaurant where adventurers and others gather. Get information and fulfill requests!

【Weapon Shop】

A store for weapons and armor. Get ready for battle!


The school Marie attends. You can buy books and tools necessary for synthesis.

【Royal Castle】

The place where the king lives. You will be allowed to enter the castle by chance.

Sky Tavern
Weapon Shop
Royal Castle

【Unlimited Mode】
▶ Play at your own pace!
In this mode, players can play without the deadline to "graduate in five years", enabling those who want to enjoy a relaxing atelier life to play the game at their own pace.
【Social Events】
▶ Dig deeper into the charm of the characters!
Additional events allow the player to interact with main characters.
New events will show fresh personality aspects and charms that has not previously been seen in the original game.
【Professor Ingrid's Task】
▶ When you don't know what to do next!
Tasks that act as a guide on your way to success.
Immediately solve the question "what should I do next?", a unique feature for RPGs with a high degree of freedom.
【Photo Mode】
Poses and expressions can be added, and of course, pictures can be decorated with stamps and other items to create your favorite pictures. Filters and frames can be changed, and the camera angle can also be changed in the "Hall of Memories”.
Six different mini-games are remade for the latest platforms. If you succeed, you will be rewarded with items. You can play anytime you want from the Extras menu.
▼Included Mini-Games
① Punipuni Hammer 
② Golden Salmon Search 
③ Catch Those Rats 
④ Apple Rush 
⑤ Treasure Hunt 
⑥ Name Collector