Marlone (Marie)
CV:Haruna Ikezawa
“Make fun of me, will you?!
Have a taste of my secret weapon!”
The main character.
In order to become an alchemist, she arrives on her own from the countryside to Salburg, the capital of the Schigsal Kingdom.
She is a subpar student at the Royal Academy of Magic (known simply as the “academy”), achieving the lowest grades since its establishment. A tomboyish and careless personality.
CV:Tsumugi Osawa
“I'm selling various items from the forest.
Want to buy one?”
Many fairies live in a forest near Salburg.
One thing led to another and they began helping Marie with her work.
CV:Tsumugi Osawa
“If it is of adequate quality,
you will graduate. But if it's not...
Well, I'm sure you get the picture.”
One of the teachers at the academy and Marie's mentor. Originally from the continent of El Bador, located across the sea. She has a great ability in magic research and treats Marie with both kindness and strictness.
Schea Donnerstag
CV:Tsumugi Osawa
“I heard that you opened your shop, Marie, and came to congratulate you.
It's a lovely shop.”
Marie's childhood best friend. The only daughter of one of the top five wealthiest families in Salburg.
She has a quiet and gentle personality, and has always been there to help Marie whenever she's in trouble.

Enderk Yard
CV:Jurota Kosugi
“Apologies, but I am too busy to accompany you.”
The captain of the royal knights for Schigsal Kingdom.
He is a reserved young man and known as the strongest in the kingdom.
Rumored to have come from far away across the sea because of his long jet-black hair and eyes, which are rarely seen in this country.By chance, he becomes involved in Marie's life.
Kirielich Wagnah
CV: Run Sasaki
“Do take care—approaching me can be bad for your health.”
A taciturn, crimson-haired swordswoman. She hates people, and seems to hate demons just as much. What is driving her to fight?
Kreis Kuehl
CV: Takehito Koyasu
“What, never heard of me? With your grades, I'm not surprised.”
An excellent Academy student two years ahead of Marie. His intellect earns the students' respect, but his overbearing attitude wins him few friends.
Ruven Filnir
CV: Jurota Kosugi
“I could never turn you down. Leave the rough stuff to me!”
The first adventurer Marie ever met. Positive, cheerful, and a bit reckless, he charges little for quests and truly seems to enjoy his work.
Hallesch Sleiman
CV: Jurota Kosugi
“Leave it to me. I'll make sure your trip goes smoothly!”
A kindhearted and heroic adventurer. In his youth, he developed his skill with the spear and earned his knighthood as a member of the royal knights.
Kugel Richter
CV: Fumihiko Tachiki
“If you wanna stay safe, you'd better take me along.”
A familiar-looking adventurer. Dissatisfied with the quiet life, he had to find a way to put his talents to use after retiring from the royal knights.
Schwalbe Satz
CV: Takehito Koyasu
“... Well, we can't just let you go after finding our hideout.”
The boss of a bandit gang. His flat stare can quickly size up an opponent, and his poisoned blade will cut them down. He particularly despises knights.
Natalie Kohdelia
CV: Run Sasaki
“If there's money in it, I'll go anywhere. You can count on me.”
A girl who is known for her lightness. Regular customer of "Sky Tavern", she knows the master very well. She has a bold personality that will not let her target escape. The youngest of the adventurers Marie has met, she also has a reckless side.
Mu Seqstanse
CV: Tsumugi Osawa
“I cleared my schedule just in case you showed up...”
An adventurer from a southern island. She has an intense curiosity, a blunt earnestness, and... a bit aloof. She loves Hoffen flowers.