Collect materials and
visit the smithy

to make preparations!

The blacksmith of Merveille will always be glad to take a look at materials Lydie and Suelle can bring him.
In his shop, you will be able to use those materials to create and enhance your weapons and armor!

Create new weapons and customize your old ones!

When you have the required materials, you will be able to create and customize weapons and armor.
All equipment has a status called "Equipment Effect," and it will affect the damage and evasion stats.
The goal of the creation and customization is to increase this Equipment Effect.

Select the equipment you wish to create, and then select the materials. The number of available equipment will increase as you progress the story.

The blacksmith will create your equipment for you. When creating armor, you will be able to transfer up to three of material traits.

Increase the efficiency with some customizations!
Get your own upgraded weapons!

Here you can also attach parts to your weapons to enhance their properties.
There are "Core parts" and "Subparts," and both types can be synthesized.
You can always detach and re-attach the parts, so try using different options to find the one that works best for you!

"Core Parts" add effects and traits related to damage, and "Subparts" add effects and traits related to other special effects.