New combat style!
"Collaboration Battles" & "Battle Mix"

"Collaboration Battles" become possible when characters form pairs, with a maximum of 6 members in the group.
They feature "Follow-up Skills" the supporting characters can use and the "Battle Mix" command,
which allows players to use synthesis in the middle of combat.

The battles are progressed in turns, by selecting an action from the ones available to the character. Some of the actions may affect the order in which turns will come or the time until the character's next turn.

You can increase your advantage if you consider different conditions
that trigger different "Follow-up Skills" before you act.

When you have Lydie or Suelle acting as the support, you will be able to use the "Battle Mix" command, which will allow you to perform synthesis during battle. "Battle Mix" is all about using "Battle Recipes" to create items that can only be created during combat and increasing your chances to win!

Go all out with the
"Combination Arts"!

When two specific characters form a pair, an ultra-special move, "Combination Arts," will become available. Try to discover which characters work together the best!

Use "Battle Mix" and synthesize items
in the middle of a battle!

Now you'll be able to create and use some of the items right in the middle of a battle.
The recipes for Battle Mix can be discovered by completing various requests
and receiving rewards and through reference books.
Only specific items can be synthesized using Battle Mix and some of them can be created by both of the twins,
but some will be specific to only Lydie or Suelle.

You will need "Archeus Anima" to perform Battle Mix, and it can only be found in the worlds within paintings.

Once you have it, you will be able to choose an item to synthesize from the Battle Mix recipes you already possess. There are also effects that are unique to Battle Mix items.

Choose a recipe that fits your battle conditions! With the Extra Mix, you will be able to get even better results by enhancing the items used in the recipe beforehand.

Creating the strongest
items with "Extra Mix"?!

Within Battle Mix, the process of creating enhanced items
by using other battle items you already had is called "Extra Mix."

The process of "Extra Mix" carries over the effects of the base items, while adding the "Extra Mix"-specific effects as well. It will help you to create some extra-powerful items you won't be able to create using the normal synthesis process.

Some of the items created with the "Extra Mix" may be powerful enough to even reverse the battle situation entirely, so be sure to chose the correct effects from the variety available.

Follow through your attacks
with the Follow-up Skills!

If certain conditions are met, Follow-up Skills will be triggered automatically after an attack. The actions of the Supporters will be decided by the actions of the Attackers, so it is important to choose the positions for characters according to their strong points.

Sophie attacks and Alt supports!

Alt's Follow-up Skill fits perfectly after Sophie's attack! Different Follow-up Skills have different activation conditions and can be of different types - attack, recovery or support.

"Stand-in Defense"
to keep Lydie and Suelle safe!

When Lydie or Suelle are about to be targeted, any of the companions in the front line will be able to stand-in to take on the full force of the enemy attack in their stead. You will be able to choose whether you wish to activate it or not each time.

A super-technique - "Combination Arts"!

"Combination Arts" is a super-technique available to some specific pairs of characters.
When the specific pair uses their respective attack and support abilities,
their Combination Gauge gets filled and, once it's full, a highly effective Combination Art will be triggered!

"Combination Arts" feature very powerful attacks! Try arranging your teams in a way that employs characters' preferences and will allow you to use the Combination Arts as often as possible.

Suelle & Mathias

The Combination Art of these two is called "Full-Power Gunplay." Suelle uses her guns and Mathias uses his sword to rain attacks left and right and cause colossal damage!

Lydie & Alt

The Combination Art of Lydie and Alt is "Sanctuaire of Demise," and it creates a wide magic circle, which not only causes damage, but employs various ailments!

Sophie & Firis

The Combination Art between Sophie and Firis is of a healing kind, and is called "The Alchemy of Happiness."

Firis & Suelle

The Combination Art between Suelle and Firis is called "Firis and Sue Surprise."
It increases Attack and Defense of the whole party, by raising everyone's level by 5 for a limited amount of time, and resets Stun levels!

Try teaming up different members to find out what other Combination Arts you can use!

Advance preparations and teaming up with friends will help to deal with the powerful enemies!

There are monsters to be found in both the real world and the worlds of the paintings, and, at times, some of the exceedingly powerful ones will appear in the path of Lydie and Suelle. To overcome them, you will need to make up solid teams and make sure you prepare properly before you go out exploring.

A giant creature, whose roar reverberates across the land. Its appearance is too intimidating to belong to a simple monster.

It can use the power of lightning at its will, and makes an easy display of its mighty power. To defeat it, you will need to make smart use not only of the Follow-up Skills and Combination Arts available to you, but also think about strengthening your armor and choosing right items to bring and use in battle.