The discovery of themysterious worldswithin paintings

The twins' destiny is changed by the discovery of
a mysterious painting in the basement of their atelier.
With the progress of the story,
they will come upon more and more
of different paintings and their worlds...

Captivated by the mysterious paintings,
in no time Lydie and Suelle are pulled into their worlds.

In each world within a painting, they find many ingredients,
including some rare ones that do not even exist in their own world.

In this mysterious world flowers bloom everywhere, and a floating island is visible in the distance.
It seems like they will be able to explore freely here.

Explore the worlds within paintings andaim to make your atelier the best atelierin the kingdom!

Improve your alchemy skills by collecting rare ingredients and fighting monsters in the mysterious worlds.
Your atelier rank will raise as you complete tasks and requests presented by others!

STEP1Let's explore Mysterious Worlds!

Delve into more different worlds to
find rare materials and fight fantastic monsters.

STEP2Fulfil requests!

There is a Notice Board in front of the castle entrance, where various requests from the people of the city are posted. It is possible to pick up more than one request at the same time, and you can choose the ones that suit your skills the most!

Hunt monsters!
When the request is about hunting a specific kind of monsters, the area where they can be found will be indicated in its conditions. Explore both the real world and the Mysterious Paintings to complete more requests!

You did it!
When a request is successfully completed, it needs to be reported to the Receptionist Lady next to the Notice Board and then you'll be able to collect your reward.

The Requests are the way to help people in the city!
Pick up the Requests on the Notice Board at the Castle Plaza and after you're done, report them to the Receptionist Lady who can be found around it. And the best part - you'll get rewards for it!

STEP3Fill your "Ambitions Journal"!

Suelle has created the "Ambitions Journal," where she lists all the things the two need to do to make their atelier the very best one. Follow the instructions in this journal, and you'll definitely succeed!

This journal also contains hints regarding alchemy and synthesis. If you use them to create various new items using rare ingredients, it will surely help to improve your atelier rank!

The "Ambitions Journal" is full of small goals that will help you see exactly how close are twins to fulfilling their dream! Further more, as you complete more and more of them, some new quests will be unlocked...?

STEP4Raise the Atelier Rank to visit even more worlds!

When you complete the conditions listed in your journal and your reputation improves, you will be able to take a test to increase your Atelier Rank. When your rank increases, it will bring a chance to discover a new painting!

Get to know
various people

Sea-view Hill

A hill with a panorama view of the capital and the sea.
The local church, the Church of Vegne,
and a small cemetery can be found on the very top of this hill.
Lydie and Sue are known to visit here from time to time.

Tighten the bonds with your comrades

When you spend your time in the city, you will be able to
meet more people and trigger various character-based events
that will help you find new friends and
become even closer with the ones you already have,
learning more about them. It is a good idea to be proactive
in visiting your friends and exploring the city from time to time.

The path to
increasing your Rank!

When you go to see Mireille in the Castle Entrance Hall after you complete
the goals set in the "Ambitions Journal" and raise your reputation,
she will suggest the next "Promotion Test" available for you.
By completing the tests given by Mireille, you'll be able to climb the Atelier Ranking ladder!

Ask for the test condition

Promotion Test can be focused on variety of tasks - collecting something
for the citizens of the capital or defeating monsters
who are threatening the peace.
The sign in the corner is in Mireille's own handwriting!

You thought it's all going to be as
simple as gathering some eggs?
Defending the town from monsters is
also an important part of alchemists' job!

Aim to complete the task

Sometimes the test will require submitting a number of items.
You can submit the items in portions,
and perhaps the amount and quality
will even influence your final results.

Raising your rank!

When you clear the test conditions,
you will receive your new Rank!
And now just repeat the process all over again,
until you reach the Top!

Make your atelier into the best atelier in the country
by exploring the worlds within paintings!