A new style of Musou gameplay

The base Warriors action system has been renewed with the State Combo System, where attacks change depending on the enemy's state, and Interactive Action, allowing players to take advantage of the surrounding terrain and environment.

State Combo System

Building upon the base Warriors action system, the new State Combo System allows for a variety of attack combinations: "Flow Attacks" are combo attacks that change depending on an enemy's state; "Reactive Attacks" create optimal attacks for the situation at hand; and "Trigger Attacks" which can trigger combos.
For example, the following sequence [Guard Break (Reactive Attack)][Combo Attack (Flow Attack)] [Aerial Launch (Trigger Attack)][Final Blows (Flow Attack)][Slam into the Ground (Reactive Attack)] is a sample of switching between the three types of attacks. Players can switch through the attack types to create their own endless and flexible sequences of attacks.
Flow Attacks Attacks that change depending on an enemy's state, whether they're downed, mid-air or in a normal state.
Quick combo attacks can inflict a lot of damage to the enemy.
Reactive Attacks Attacks that change according to the situation between the player and enemy, and allow players to create favorable situations.
Counter Attack An attack that occurs when an enemy is about to attack.
Separating Attack An attack that creates distance between the player and a nearby enemy.
Dash Attack An attack that allows you to suddenly close in on a distant enemy.
Smash Attack An attack that smashes a mid-air enemy into the ground.
Guard Break An attack that occurs when an enemy is guarding. The enemy's guard is cancelled.
Assault Attack An attack that allows you to suddenly close in on an enemy that has not seen you, and deals heavy damage.
Finish Attack An attack that occurs after repeatedly attacking and dealing a certain amount of damage. With a Finish Attack, you can defeat an enemy regardless of their Health.
Trigger Attacks Powerful attacks that change an enemy's state.
After landing attacks, aim Flow Attacks at the enemy to perform desired multiple action sequences.
Stun enemies for a period of time
Launch enemies into the air
Knock down enemies
Special Powerful attacks unique to each officer

Interactive Action

Players can take advantage of objects that appear on the field as well natural fixtures such as rivers that exist on the surrounding terrain and environment.
In addition to actions that can occur while on the move such as using grappling hooks to climb walls and swimming across grand rivers, players can launch flaming arrows into oil barrels to induce explosions, perform wall jumps, and fish at the water's edge for broader strategic gameplay.