A new style of Musou gameplay

Explore this extensive open world with a friend and enter different battles in co-op play.
Experience the thrill of tactical cooperation through this mode, allowing players to split multiple missions to operate in different areas at the same time as well as coordinating attacks.
※The co-op mode can be used after installing the latest update.

Two types of co-op play

In addition to the online co-op mode in which you can play with others online, split-screen local co-op mode has also been added.
In online co-op, interact with a lot of different players online and complete missions side by side! Or you can elaborate detailed strategies together at home with family and friends in local co-op!
※For the PlayStation®4 version, a PlayStation®Plus membership is required to access the online co-op feature.
Online co-op matching screen
Enjoy highly cooperative action via split-screen

Coordinated attacks

"When playing co-op mode, in certain situations where Player 1 attacks the enemy, Player 2 can perform a follow-up attack to create two-player combos. Also, players can execute a chain attack when attacking enemies from different directions.
This feature allows players to work in sync with each other in order to beat enemies efficiently."
Co-op chain combo featuring Player 1 hitting an enemy into the air and Player 2 following up with a mid-air Flow Attack.
Player 2 using archery to support from faraway to support Player 1 fighting among enemies

Help each other by splitting up

In co-op mode, each player can divide the work and complete different tasks on their respective side, enabling players execute to elaborate strategies which are not be possible in single player mode.
In order to help Player 1's main mission, Player 2 can complete sub-missions to increase the number of allied troops; a strategy which can only be used in co-op mode.
"While Player 1 focuses on a mission, Player 2 gathers materials.
In offline co-op mode, materials gathered by Player 1 can be shared with the other player, and materials gained during online co-op play are provided to both players."