Hyper Attack

The Hyper Attack is an action that allows you to travel a great distance while attacking your enemies.
As this attack allows you to round up your enemies and can be connected to a standard attack,
it acts as the starting point for any battle.

Ultimate Skill

Ultimate Skills are incredibly powerful actions that can be used during battle,
depleting your gauge in the process.
Four types of Ultimate Skills can be equipped at any one time. As the attack power,
range of the attack's effect, and the type of enemy it is effective against will vary depending on the Ultimate Skill,
it is important to use the right combination of skills based on the battlefield or your personal preferences. In addition,
you can cancel the action you are performing by using an Ultimate Skill,
making this an action you can use to continue combos.
Depending on the Ultimate Skill, there may be a cool down time during
which you cannot use the skill again until this period ends.


An Ultimate Skill suited for continuing combos. You can connect Pulse Ultimate Skills and Musou Attacks. You can also use this Ultimate Skill to connect standard attacks and Power Attacks to Pulse Ultimate Skills.


Ultimate Skills can increase your attack power or defense, or recharge your Musou Gauge. The "Recuperation" Ultimate Skill will refill your Musou Gauge.


The "Avalanche" Ultimate Skill allows you to thrust your Great Spear into the earth to create a shockwave that stuns nearby enemies.

Relentless Storm

The "Relentless Storm" Ultimate Skill allows you to throw the enemy before you into the air and beat them to a pulp, then bring them down to the ground with a strike from your Great Spear.
(Toshiie Maeda Exclusive Ultimate Skill)