Sophie’s grandmother was an alchemist whom the people of the town relied on.
After discovering her grandmother's outfit from her youth, Sophie struggles as she tries to become more like her grandmother. This story runs in conjunction with the main story.

◆6 Costumes
New bodies for Doll Making: “Aqua Suit”, “Lady Saber”, “Silver Tail”,
“Violage”, “Saint Knight”, “Mascotti”
◆4 BGM Packs
“Atelier Series Special BGM Pack”, “Famitsu Bonus Arrange BGM Pack”,
“Dengeki PS Bonus Arrange BGM Pack”, “Gust Titles Special BGM Pack”
◆2 Item Sets
“Premium Box Bonus Item Pack”, “Gust Official Bonus Item Pack”
◆1 Event
“Sequel Episode”
◆1 Map
Additional Gathering Area “Hidden Archive”
◆1 Additional Feature
New difficulty level “DESPAIR”

Four new vehicles of various features including reducing stamina use, automatic gathering and fast movement, as well as exploration items that will be added as the scenario progresses, making exploration even more convenient. In addition, quests to defeat seven new monsters that aggravate the powerful boss “Palmyra” are added. After defeating all seven monsters, players will be given a chance to challenge an even more powerful Palmyra.

◆2 Playable Characters
Shanon, Heintz
◆16 Costumes
Additional Costumes for Firis:
“Nightless Saber”, “Blue School Uniform”, “Resort Vacation”, “Wonderland”
Casual Series:
Firis – “Ritual Cleric”, Liane – “Brave Archer”, Ilmeria – “Noble Wizard”,
Drossel – “Duel Warrior”, Sophie – “Glorious Sage”, Shanon – “Crest Paladin”
Swimsuit Series:
Firis - “Sky Blue Papillon”, Liane – “Night Onyx”, Ilmeria - “Festive Amour”,
Drossel – “Verdant Feuilles”, Sophie – “Passionate Soleil”, Shanon - “Pink Fraise”
◆4 BGM Packs
“Atelier Series Special BGM Pack”, “Famitsu Bonus Arrange BGM Pack”,
“Dengeki PS Bonus Arrange BGM Pack”, “Gust Historical BGM Pack”
◆2 New Areas
New Gathering Area “Vestier Holy Land”, “Riesentrain”

A new painting will connect to the world of “Nelke & the Legendary Alchemists”.
In order ot help Lady Nelke develop the city, scenarios and boss battles will unfold.
The world of Nelke can be entered after collecting all “Fragments of the Mysterious Paintings”from the treasure chests added to the original painting worlds.

◆2 Playable Characters
Lucia, Ilmeria
◆7 Costumes
Lydie & Suelle - “Marie & Elie Dress Up Costumes”, Lydie - “Smart & Sweet”,
Suelle -“Active☆Lovely”, Sophie - “Best Partner”, Firis – “Teacher’s Favourite”,
Lucia - “Bunny Tail”, Ilmeria - “Cormeria?”
◆5 BGM Packs
“Atelier Series Special BGM Pack”, “Dengeki PS Bonus Arrange BGM Pack”,
“BLUE REFLECTION BGM Pack”, “Gust Historical BGM Pack”,
“Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon BGM Pack”
◆5 Item Sets
“Delicacies and Rarities Pack”, "Selected Item Set”,
“Great Adventures in New Worlds Vol. 1”, “Great Adventures in New Worlds Vol. 2”,
“Premium Box Item Set”
◆1 New Area
“Atelier Firis - Claudel Prairie”
◆4 Other DLC
“Secret Synthesis Research Journal”, “Adventurers' Tales”
“Loads of Exp Quest”
Battle Mix:
“Battle Mix Secret Teachings”
◆8 Additional Features
“Additional Rare Item Merchant ”, “Additional Mini Event”, “Additional Falgior Rematch”,
“Sophie’s Skill Test”, “Additional Item Traits”,
“Maximum character battle levels unlocked”, “Additional new character skills”,
“Maximum levels for Palmyra and Termina unlocked”

In Photo Mode, players can pause the game and take pictures in the field. Players can not only arrange the party members, sub-characters and enemies in any way they like, but also set the time of day, weather and filters to create unique photos.
Players can enjoy the illustrations and BGM of each game in the “Digital Artbook”. It also includes exclusive illustrations made for magazines and retailer bonuses, which were not widely available.

A speed up function will be added, allowing players to increase the speed of battle, up to 2x.
During battle, the speed can be changed freely so players can play at a pace they
like - keep things at a slower speed for those who want to watch the battle closely,
or speed it up for those who want to play at a fast pace.