The story you weave together
with your companions

On their way through the Ranking System, requests and the study of synthesis,
Lydie and Suelle find themselves making numerous new friends.
Interactions with these characters add the flavor to the world
by portraying the everyday lives of the citizens of Merveille.

The twins witness Mathias failing at talking to girls.
While Mathias is puzzled by what went wrong,
the two are quite stunned by his denseness.

Liane's love for her sister sometimes reaches shocking levels.
Sometimes even Firis is at loss on how to handle it.

Ilmeria gets a strange look on her face
when Lydie and Suelle start to discuss height.
It would seem it is a topic better off avoided, when she is around...

Firis gets very exited in a world that is
full of things she has never seen before.
She really seems to be a fan of exploring the unknown.

The path and struggles of the twins

It would seem that Lydie and Suelle have shared a very warm
and close relationship with their mother Honnete.

Choose the materials, adjust the fire... aaand,
noisy preparations lead to a disaster! Once again!
Their alchemy still has a long way to go.
What kind of alchemists will these two grow up to become?

The various characters in the twins' lives

The way Honnete loved her family,
and especially her little girls,
can be clearly seen in her kind eyes.

Roger still can show a face of a strict father,
when it comes to the serious alchemy business.

Lydie, Sue and Fuoko - a girl they have met in
"The Great Cascades of Anfel."
It seems the three get along very well.

Lucia and Lydie are laughing happily
in front of the Atelier Borthayre.
They all grew up together, even though Lucia is
a little older than the twins

Twins are working on their alchemy,
surrounded by their mentors Sophie and Firis.
They still have a long way to go,
but sure one day Lydie and Sue will surprise even these two!

Oh, it's Corneria, who we have met previously in "Atelier Sophie."
It seems, like all the other old friends,
she has grown quite... wait a second.
It looks more like she just turned it to a giant?!
I wonder if she'll be all right...