Explore mysterious and
magical worlds

The worlds within paintings are always fantastic and dream-like,nothing like the reality they are used to.
Exploring these words with their friends,Lydie and Suelle learn and mature a little by little.

A world of icy caves,
shining with thousands of crystals.
Just as it looks, many ice-related ingredients
and creatures can be found here.

You can find ingredients for synthesis inside these worlds. The recipes for them can be discovered during various activities, such as explorations, harvesting and battles.

The Spooky Forest

The moon is shining brightly on a dark forest filled with strange gnarly and twisted trees.
It's made even spookier by all the ceaseless eerie noises and voices that can be heard from everywhere,
and it makes you feel a stranger's eyes on the back of your neck.
But this is exactly the kind of place where some rare ingredients should be hiding.

The Great Cascades of Anfel

A world of active volcanos and giant pools and cascades of lava.
Something resembling old monuments can also be seen among the flames here and there.
Some say, fairies actually live in this world...?

The Frozen Palace

A frozen manor stands silently among the frost covered trees​. What secrets do its ice-covered walls hide?

Starlight Plain

A vast plain, covered in blooming flowers.
The stars that fall become the earth, and Star Flowers come to grow on it.
Both the land and the sky are full of stars,
and their light will help you find the most important things within your heart.