The key to their dream is inside the mysterious paintings

This story begins in a small atelier
in the town of Merveille, the capital of
the Adalet Kingdom, where two young twin
sisters live. They study alchemy while helping
their father, an alchemist, to run the atelier, and
they share a common dream...

... to run the best atelier in the country.

However, there is a big gap between the reality of
their abilities and their dream. They have a long
way to go yet, and the days flow by while the girls'
impatience only grows. On one of such days,
the twins' path leads them to a certain painting.
Inside that painting, they find a mystical unknown
world. A world full of various ingredients for their
craft. Perhaps, this chance meeting with a mysterious
painting is about to bring them drastically closer to
turning their dream into reality...

Inseparable twins, bound together by a strong bond

Lydie and Suelle spend their days helping out their father in the atelier and working hard
to become the best alchemists in the country. However, in truth,
their atelier is not even doing good enough to put food on their table every day.
These hardships have created a special bond between the sisters, tying them closely together.


"To create the best atelier in the country
together" - is the most important vow
sharedby all in their family.


Lydie is the responsible one of the pair,
who looks after her younger sister, and
yet she still sometimes lets herself get
involved in Sue's antics.


The tomboy Suelle will tease her sister from
time to time, but she will still do everything
to support her.

The discovery of the mysterious paintingshas opened a path to fulfilling their dream

While they were working on their synthesis one day,
the twins heard a strange voice coming out from
the basement
. Even though they were strictly forbidden
to enter the basement by their father,the twins could
not contain their curiosity and headed out to investigate.

What they found in the basement was a single mysterious
painting.They stared, captivated by it, and before they
could even realize it, they were pulled inside. And yet,
instead of being scared, the twins found themselves very
excited by this mystical world they have discovered,
and they set their minds on exploring,
while searching for the way back.

Exploring worlds within paintings, to make their atelier the best one in the country.

A new "Atelier Ranking System" is established in the kingdom,
and as the twins decide to aim for its top,
it leads them to a new exiting life, full of adventures and struggles.
The girls grow while overcoming their hurdles,
and they end up receiving an official request
to research Mysterious Paintings for their kingdom.

After learning of the new "Atelier Ranking System,"
hich ranks atelier owners according to their abilities,
the twins make it their goal to reach
the highest rank as quickly as they can.

However, it is not an easy task for a pair
of young self-taught alchemist.
So the twins decide to ask
the extremely talented alchemist Ilmeria
to become their mentor.

With this goal in mind,
they go on exploring the various worlds and alien dimensions
they can find within paintings.

After the twins successfully receive their first rank,
they get asked to go on an expedition inside
of a certain Mysterious Painting.
They are joined by Mathias, who is there to protect them,
and an another young alchemist,
Lucia, who has received a similar request just before them.
It would seem that this is the task that is given
to all promising alchemists.

Let's explore
Mysterious Paintings!

The Mysterious Painting the twins have discovered was definitely not the only one.
Further more, it is not always as simple as just finding them.
Sometimes the Painting they wish to explore will require a Restoration,
and sometimes they will need to find some specific items to be able to perform it.
Lydie and Suelle will have to do their best, and sometimes rely on the help from their friends,
to learn how to synthesize the required items.

Older paintings will need to be Restored using special magic paint,
known as "Neige's Paints.
" To find these, the twins will need to go
to see Firis and ask for her help.

Whatever happens,friends will be there to lend a hand!

There will be many troubles that the twins will need to learn to overcome,
both in their home world and on their journeys through the Mysterious Paintings.
However, as they move forward, Lydie and Suelle will meet many new friends who will support them,
and they eventually will become essential parts of each other's lives.

While Lydie and Suelle explore the city's outskirts,
collecting their materials,
they begin to notice that the thunder they hear from
the sky is a little too persistent to be natural.
Could it be a sign that something bad is about to happen?

Back at home, Lydie can still hear a strange
voice coming out from the basement.
The voice seems to be so soft, and kind...

Companions that join the twins on their adventures

Mathias Ferrier Adalet

Mathias was tasked with protecting the twins by his elder sister,
Mireille. He's a little timid with big monsters nearby, but once the fight begins he'll stand his ground.

Firis Mistlud

Firis is a traveling alchemist.
The twins meet her when they find her defeating the monsters that were supposed
to be the target of their next examination. Further more,
she seems to already have a much higher rank than they do!


Alt is a young man surrounded in mystery,
and he simply appears one day in front of the twins during one of their exploration missions.
He also agrees to give up a Mysterious Painting he owns,
if the twins agree to take him along when they go inside.
He seems to have some strange interest in both the Paintings and the twins.

Sophie Neuenmuller

A famous alchemist, working to bring happiness to everyone in the world.
When Lydie and Suelle are in despair, unable to fight against another horrific monster,
she is the one to appear at their side with a smile.

Whatever waits for them ahead,
the twins can believe in their skills that brought them
this far and in their friends!