Survival Mode (Standard)

Take control of a single character as you look to clear as many levels as possible within the castle while collecting weapons and mounts to be used in the game. Keep an eye on your Health Gauge as well as the timer while balancing the desire for greater rewards with the wisdom to know when to quit while you're ahead.


By completing the objectives that appear on each level of the Survival Mode castle, you will be able to proceed to the next level. The enemy will continue to grow stronger the higher you rise, and by defeating them you will be able to enjoy even more lucrative spoils of war.

Spoils of WarSpoils of War

The "Escape" command enables you to keep the weapons and mounts you obtain during Survival Mode for use within the game. The higher up the castle you go, the better the rewards you will receive, but there is a limit to how many items you can carry at one time.

Level BonusesLevel Bonuses

After completing a certain number of levels within the Survival Mode, you will receive a Level Bonus that will help you the next time you attempt the mode, making it advantageous to play to through the mode multiple times.

Level Bonuses

Survival Mode (Challenge)

This is a new Survival Mode feature added for this game. Your goal is to set high scores in a variety of different challenges, each with their own special rules.

Chamber of TrialsChamber of Trials

Attempt to defeat as many enemies as possible within the given time limit, allowing you to take on an entire army by yourself. The wise use of moves such as Normal Attacks, Power Attacks, and Hyper Attacks will be the key to efficiently defeating the enemy.

Chamber of RichesChamber of Riches

Try to obtain as much gold as possible within the given time limit. The point is to try to enter the "Golden Time" bonus, which generates gold each time you attack the enemy.

Chamber of Riches

Chamber of AgilityChamber of Agility

This mode challenges you to reach a target destination while defeating standard bearers, all in a race against the clock. You will need to fight your way past shield soldiers and archers in order to eliminate the standard bearers stationed at each of the checkpoints.

Chamber of DeathChamber of Death

This is a very difficult mode that you can unlock after achieving at least a certain score in the Chamber of Trials, Chamber of Riches, and Chamber of Agility. Your goal is to defeat as many enemies as possible in a tense environment where enemies deal overpowering blows that could kill low level playable characters instantly.

Character Creation

The character creation feature from "Samurai Warriors 4" returns, enabling you to create your own original officers that can participate in both Free Mode and Survival Mode.

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