AMV Assets

AMV Assets
Download Creative Assets to make
your own Warriors Orochi®2 AMV or Fan Video

KOEI fans! We dedicate this site to you to celebrate Warriors Orochi®2 coming to PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) system! We've watched the videos on YouTube, and we're quite flattered that you've dedicated tireless hours and effort creating incredible videos using some of the most memorable scenes from KOEI games. You truly are the greatest fans in the world. We enjoy watching your videos as much as you enjoy making them, so we want to see more. Think you can make a great Warriors Orochi 2 AMV (anime music video)?

We've specially prepared select Warriors Orochi®2 video clips and music tracks just for you. These are free for you to use in your AMV or fan video. These videos include Japanese voices and sound effects, but all of the music tracks are switched off, so you can add in ANY music you choose.

Post your video on YouTube, then send the link to webmaster@koei.com with the subject “WO2 DEDICATED VIDEO”. We’ll link to our favorite ones on KOEI.com, and on our Facebook and Twitter pages, so the whole KOEI community around the world can see your masterpiece.

Want to talk with other KOEI fans about creating a video? Visit the forums.

To learn more about making AMVs, visit animemusicvideos.org, a site dedicated to the creation, discussion, and enjoyment of fan-made anime music videos.

Right click the files to save. Please do not link to the files.

Video Files (960x540):

Opening   Shu
video   video
1: .mpg (54MB)  .wmv (70MB)   1: .mpg (21MB)  .wmv (29MB)
2: .mpg (24MB)  .wmv (34MB)
3: .mpg (49MB)  .wmv (67MB)
Warriors Orochi 2 Warriors Orochi 2 Warriors Orochi 2
Wei   Wu
video   video
1: .mpg (40MB)  .wmv (59MB)
2: .mpg (33MB)  .wmv (47MB)
  1: .mpg (44MB)  .wmv (64MB)
2: .mpg (21MB)  .wmv (30MB)
Warriors Orochi 2    
Samurai Warriors®   Orochi   New Playable Characters
video   video   video
1: .mpg (31MB)  .wmv (45MB)
2: .mpg (24MB)  .wmv (34MB)
3: .mpg (60MB)  .wmv (86MB)
  1: .mpg (20MB)  .wmv (26MB)
2: .mpg (25MB)  .wmv (36MB)
3: .mpg (48MB)  .wmv (71MB)
San Zang:
 .mpg (50MB)  .wmv (75MB)
 .mpg (80MB)  .wmv (119MB)
Warriors Orochi 2 Warriors Orochi 2 Warriors Orochi 2 Warriors Orochi 2 Warriors Orochi 2

Music Files (.mp3 files are 1MB to 3MB each)

Music 1: Main Title
Music 2: Kotodama Runner
Music 3: Decisive Battle!!
Music 4: God’s Island
Music 5: Fight with Real Swords
Music 6: Eve
Music 7: Bamboo Paradise
Music 8: The Rule of Benkeism
Music 9: Theme of Orochi -REBIRTH MIX-

coming to PSP

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