The Toukiden 2 Free Alliances Version, which allows you to enjoy participating in online Group Missions with users of the retail version of Toukiden 2, is now available! Slay Oni together with Slayers throughout the country!

Overview of the Toukiden 2
Free Alliances Version

Enjoy participating in online Group Missions.
Taking on Missions reduces your Stamina, but your Stamina will recover with time.
You can play online with players of the retail version of Toukiden 2, and you can import save data to the retail version as well.
- Taking on Phase 1 Missions will not reduce your Stamina. ("Single player" is only available with Phase 1 Missions.)
- You can also play the game up to and including the middle stages of the first chapter of the retail version's story.
Note: Ad-hoc multiplayer is not supported with the PS Vita version.
Note: Taking on a regular mission reduces your Stamina by 1. "Searching Ruins" Missions reduce your Stamina by 3.
Purchasable Items
- Gems:
By using Gems from the Store at Slayers' Headquarters, you can achieve various effects. You can purchase Gems from the PlayStation®Store.
Note: Gems are available for use for 180 days from the date they were purchased.
Note: Gems for which the expiration date has been exceeded are deleted without providing notice to the user and without any form of compensation.
Note: With respect to the Gems the user owns, our company will not refund or exchange such Gems for cash or any other article regardless of the reason.
- Effects achieved by using Gems
Recover Stamina
Recover your Stamina to its maximum value.
Draw Mitama Tickets
Draw Mitama Tickets to acquire Mitama.If you draw a ticket for a Mitama you already have, you will receive Materials instead.
Increase Stamina
Increase your maximum Stamina, as well as the amount that is restored per restoration. (These can be increased twice.)
Maximum value
Restoration amount
Expand Equipment Chest
Expand the storage space of your Equipment Chest by 1 level. (It can be expanded twice.)
Expand Materials Chest
Expand the storage space of your Materials Chest by 1 level. (It can be expanded twice.)

Note: Gems and Stamina cannot be imported to the retail version of Toukiden 2.
Note: Acquired Mitama and the status of your chests can be imported to the retail version of Toukiden 2; however, events concerning such items will occur normally as you progress through the game.
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