Use the inherent abilities of the Slayers
to repel the powerful Oni!


A special device developed by the Professor that creates a physical manifestation of one's thoughts. It also refers to the giant Oni hand that emerges from the device. Attacks with the Demon Hand are powerful enough to destroy an Oni's body part without leaving a trace. The device is also able to interact with the environment and other spiritual elements on the map.

[ Uses in Battle ]

Jumping Attack

Use the Demon Hand to grab an Oni's body part and then leap into the air and attack it from above.

Oni Throw

Channel the massive strength of an Oni and use it to evade the Oni's attacks and pull it down. When the Demon Hand is at full strength, it may also slam the Oni into the ground.

Oni Burial

Utilize the full power of your spirit to unleash a mighty blow. It is strong enough to completely destroy the life force of an Oni's body part.

[ Uses on the Battlefield ]

Oni Grapple

Reach out and grab a target to quickly pull yourself towards it. You can use this technique multiple times while in the air.

Oni Eater

Utilize the elemental sources known as Geopulses that are found across the land. You can fire elemental energy in front of you or affix it to your weapon.

Oni Smash

Draw various materials into the Demon Hand, and destroy them without leaving a trace.