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In "NOBUNAGA'S AMBITION: Taishi" players can choose from over 2000 officers as they set out to rule and conquer! Live through decisive events that shaped the future of a nation, learn more about local folklore and legend, and immerse yourself deeper into the rich history of Japan.


- Govern the People and Restructure the Country -
During the quarterly council, retainers will have the opportunity to propose new policies. A retainer’s suggestions don’t just raise policy power but also can have immediate effects on the way the land is governed; you must carefully consider which policies will benefit your people!


- A new reason for fighting -
Trade Zones are located across the country, and when a clan advances into one of these, they can earn a profit. Expanding your Trade Network, and gaining control of trade, is one of the many paths which lead to unifying the country.


- The foundation of the country -
On Agriculture command, you can check the support effects, like the increase in parameters, and so on. Not only is the development of agriculture indispensable for ensuring the supplies necessary for your marches, it also has a large effect on strengthening your military through increased population.


- For governing the people, and the country -
The key is not only in increasing your people, but also in what role you assign them. While places with only small amounts of farmland, but with thriving commerce might prefer to pay money to hire infantry. Each clan must choose a policy for military growth that fits them and their land.


- Shape Your Territory and Increase Your Influence -
Building facilities under your territory can offer a variety of effects, both in domestic and battle. Facilities can be upgraded to become more resourceful, with skilled officers gathering more rewards if they oversee its development.


- Where interests and emotions clash with resolves -
Forging diplomatic relations with other clan's effects not just battle, but also domestic administration, in particular, trade. Each daimyo forms diplomatic policies based on their Resolve and opinions, which influence negotiations.
As negotiation conditions tend to change based on opinions and the difference in clan strength, the give and take of negotiating can be quite enjoyable.


- Where your eye for strategy is tested -
Prior to battle you set the destination, participating units, and the route, and set your strategy, the battle starts from deciding your overall policy. Even against overwhelming numbers, proper leadership and tactics including positioning of units, ambushes, pincer attacks and the like can change a losing battle into a winning one.