A grand tale starting with Masayuki Sanada


Autumn, Eiroku Year 4 (1561). During the time called the Warring States period.

A fierce battle enveloped the land of Shinano. Shingen Takeda of Kai and Kenshin Uesugi of Echigo continued their confrontation and were coming up on their 4th battle at Kawanakajima.

The Takeda retainer, Masayuki Sanada, joins the battle for the first time.

Masayuki wins great renown in that battle, but at the same time he witnesses the enormous sacrifices that resulted from the clash of Takeda and Uesugi.
Some years after his debut, Masayuki is blessed with two sons.

They are named Nobuyuki and Yukimura Sanada.

For their sakes, Masayuki vows to survive the chaos of the times.

Thanks in part to the actions of Masayuki and Katsuyori, the Takeda Clan continues to expand and finally Shingen decides to march on the capital..

Believing that soon the country would be unified under Shingen, Katsuyori and Masayuki were visibly happy.
The only one who stood in the way was Ieyasu Tokugawa. Masayuki is impressed with his sacrifices in the face of duty.
Still, the Takeda forces proceed to overrun the Tokugawa forces until tragedy strikes..

Shingen falls suddenly ill and dies.
The death of Shingen opens the door to the rise of the demon.

Nobunaga Oda.
With the death of Shingen, there is no longer any who can contain Nobunaga. He first strikes against Yoshikage Asakura of Echizen and Nagamasa Azai of Ōmi, destroying them.

Odani Castle, home of Nagamasa, goes up in flames.
One of those who watches this is the young Chacha, daughter of Nagamasa.
Soon Nobunaga's momentum rivals even that of Takeda. Katsuyori, heir to Shingen, swears to defend the honor of the Takeda and opens hostilities with Nobunaga, against the advice of Masayuki.

This leads to the Battle of Nagashino. There occurs the greatest tragedy of the Takeda, wherein Katsuyori is routed and a dark shadow is cast between Masayuki and Katsuyori.
After the death of Kenshin, the Uesugi Clan is plagued by a battle over its succession. The Takeda Clan chooses to support Kagekatsu.

What does Masayuki think of Katsuyori's decisions?
A few years pass. The Takeda Clan is close to extinction.

Masayuki attempts to save Katsuyori, but Katsuyori refuses his aid.
Learning of Katsuyori's true feelings from Kunoichi, a Takeda shinobi, Masayuki laments the rift that has grown between them.
To the young Yukimura, the bond between his father and Katsuyori was an ideal one.
He was certain his Father would move to avenge Katsuyori, but his father did not.
Masayuki instead chose to join Nobunaga, who had defeated Katsuyori.
Dissatisfied with this, Yukimura sets out to test Nobunaga himself.
He travels with his sister, Lady Muramatsu, to Azuchi, where she is to be kept as a hostage.
There Yukimura meets Chacha and Sasuke.
There he also witnesses the earth-shattering events that occurred at Honnōji!
In no time at all, the once powerful Oda Clan is driven to destruction. Seeing this, Masayuki makes a decision and begins to move.
The young Nobuyuki and Yukimura swear to aid their Father, but Masayuki's plans went further than they could imagine.
Yukimura, who had dreams of living as a noble warrior, could not understand his Father's actions.
Whilst uncertain, he follows his plans and is sent to the Uesugi Clan as a hostage.
Yukimura was worried with the outcome of these actions, but was entrusted with the words of the Sanada banner by his older brother Nobuyuki as he heads off to Echigo.
Yukimura is reuinted with Sasuka on his travels and takes him on as his retainer. On his arrival he is unexpectedly greeted with a warm welcome by the Uesugi. His days of peace are cut short as another danger approaches the Sanada Clan. Furious with Masayuki's actions, Ieyasu decided to campaign against the Sanada, in part due Hideyoshi Toyotomi's and Ieyasu's desire to follow in the footstop of Nobunaga, and unifiying Japan under his own banner. A beautiful young ChaCha also finds her way to Hideyoshi.
Overwhelming numbers approach the Tokugawa forces... facing such odds, what can Masayuki do?
Having heard of the danger facing his Father, what will Yukimura do?
 *Screens shown are from a development version of the game.

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