Atelier Ryza’s Special

UPDATE 7/31/2020

The sequel to the Atelier series’ biggest hit to date, Atelier Ryza,
was officially announced: Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & the Secret Fairy!

We are calling out to all of the Atelier Ryza fans to send us their favorite aspects,
characters, and scenes from Atelier Ryza, so that we can share them with players that have never experienced the game before!

Use the hashtag, #WelcomeBackRyza, in your tweet for a chance to win original merchandise!!
We encourage everyone to post a tweet with their favorite aspects of the game, including players that have already completed Atelier Ryza or are still working their way through the story.
Help increase awareness of the best aspects of Atelier Ryza through your tweets!

For players who have never experienced the world of Atelier Ryza, please use the following link

Period 7/20/2020 (Mon) ~ 8/4/2020 (Tue)
Merchandise ・Grand Prize: Extra Large Tapestry 2020 Atelier Ryza 2 ver., & Reusable Bag & Clear File...1 winner
・Runner up Prize: Atelier Ryza 2 Special Reusable Bag & Clear File...2 winners
※Extra Large Tapestry 2020 Atelier Ryza 2 ver. is also being sold on the Gust Shop Names of prizes are not final
Entry Method ①Follow the KOEI TECMO AMERICA Twitter Account (@KoeiTecmoUS)
②Retweet the campaign tweet
③After playing Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & The Secret Hideout, post a tweet that includes your favorite aspects of the game and/or what you felt while playing it, and use the hashtag #WelcomeBackRyza

Post your tweet

Entry Rules

  • Please abide by the Twitter Terms of Service when entering this campaign.
  • Winners will be contacted by the Koei Tecmo America Twitter Account (@koeitecmous) via a direct message (scheduled for 8/2020). In addition, we will ask for your personal information in order to ship the prize. Please take this into consideration when entering the campaign.
  • If the tweet used to enter this campaign is deleted or the entrant unfollows the Koei Tecmo America Twitter Account (@koeitecmous) before the campaign ends, they will no longer be eligible to participate in the campaign.
  • Private Twitter accounts will not be eligible to enter the campaign.
  • Any contest winners or Twitter accounts that fall into the categories listed below may be ineligible to receive a prize from this campaign.
    • ・Individuals that have infringed on the rights, or are potentially guilt of infringing on the rights, of Koei Tecmo and/or a third party’s intellectual properties・property rights, legal rights etc.
    • ・Individual guilty, or potentially guilty, of committing a crime or criminal activity
    • Individuals that have performed any actions that is equivalent to racial discrimination, sexual discrimination and the like, or anything that causes or is likely to cause discomfort to third parties.
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  • Any individual with a Twitter account will be able to participate in this campaign. Individuals under age will need their parent or legal guardian’s consent before entering the campaign.
  • All intellectual property right rights, such as copyrights, of submitted posts of the tweet shall be assigned to KTG when entering this campaign.
  • Please refrain from giving the prize to another individual or selling/reselling the prize for financial gain.
  • The details of this campaign are subject to change without advance notice.

Atelier Ryza Appreciation Sale

Thanks to your support of Atelier Ryza, we want to express our appreciation through a 39% off sale!

<Atelier Ryza Save Data Bonus>
Players who have purchased Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout and have save data on their console or PC can unlock the Classic "Costume Set bonus" in Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & the Secret Fairy!


Period: 7/22/2020 (Wed) ~ 8/4/2020 (Tue)

Nintendo Switch™

Period: 7/20/2020 (Mon) ~ 8/4/2020 (Tue)


Period: 7/20/2020 (Mon) ~ 8/3/2020 (Mon)