Vtubers belonging to the group NIJISANJI
make their appearance in the world of Romance of the Three Kingdoms!

Kazuha, Sister Claire, and Debidebi Debiru, the Vtubers belonging to the group Nijisanji, appear as original officers in the world of Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV and Diplomacy and Strategy Expansion Pack. Each character has unique Characters and Tactics prepared exclusively for them to demonstrate their extraordinary abilities.

Added officers

Kuzuha, Sister Claire, Debidebi Debiru

He is a vampire who is unemployed and lives idly, playing video games all day long while sponging on his parents. He currently lives with his pet Buta who takes care of him. Despite his appearance, he is indeed whimsical, wayward, and childish, and has a bad habit of easily getting carried away. The fact that he is obsessed with money on top of that makes him pretty much a hopeless vampire.

Sister Claire

She usually works at the church and supports the abbess by taking care of the sick, the poor, and orphans. She decided to stream online, thinking it might give comfort to those who feel a bit exhausted in this world.

Debidebi Debiru

A devil from the otherworld. They seek to gain strength by getting the human in this world to know them. Their goal is to doom mankind to corruption. They study hard to act like a full-fledged devil by watching horror films and reading mangas. According to them, the devil's society is quite tough.

July 29, 2021 ReleaseFree
(PS4™ / Nintendo Switch™ / Windows®)