March 29, 2016

2015.05.18 「よるのないくに」公式サイト正式オープン!

A Heart-breaking Tale of Love and Sacrifice

Nights of Azure is the latest RPG by GUST, renowned for their RPGs and character design.
Using Servans, one woman will use her blood to make contracts and survive a world infested with fiends.

Once there was a being who wasn't human—

The battle against the demonic Nightlord ended with a victory for humanity.

In his defeat, the Nightlord spilled his foul essence, which took root to form an evil that lingers to this day—Blue Blood.

Those who bathed in the Blue Blood were transformed body and soul into fiends, and became a blight upon humanity.

Thereafter, they would appear at night to take people. In doing so, they robbed the human race of nighttime itself.

Beset by sleepless nights caused by these wicked fiends, the city became known as "The Land Without Night," a place that does not exist on any map.

A young woman who was doused with the Blue Blood became cursed with blood-drinking abilities. She lived for those who dwelled in The Land Without Night, and fought for a woman that was destined to be sacrificed to the Night.

This is a tragic tale of two friends faced with impossible decisions that will test their loyalty to their quest and to each other.

Opening Story Introduction

Beautiful Woman X Reality X Growth

The Story Begins with Their Reunion

  • ① Reunion and Relief

    Both of them are enjoying their reunion.
    Arnice's expression softens at the sight of Lilysse gentleness.

  • ② A Giant Fiend Appears!

    During their reunion, a giant fiend arrives and kidnaps Lilysse.
    In search of Lilysse, Arnice finds her way to the hotel.

  • ③ Ende Hotel—the Hotel that Knows All

    At the Ende Hotel, the Curia have already located Lilysse, and order Arnice to go after her.

  • ④ During the Battle with the Giant Fiend

    With that information, Arnice finds Lilysse.
    In the midst of the battle with the giant fiend, Arnice awakens in another world.

  • ⑤ Awaken with a New Power

    In the other world, Arnice awakens with the power to use her blood as a weapon.
    With these new powers she challenges herself to face the giant fiend once again.

Facing Reality and Each Other's Expectations

After Arnice saves Lilysse, their thoughts begin to intertwine.

  • Confessions and Distress

    Upon returning to the hotel, Arnice is told that Lilysse has been selected to be the Saint.
    This is the start of Arnice's distress.

  • The Curia's Secret Maneuvers

    Arnice is commanded by the Curia to protect the Saint and prepare her to be the sacrifice to the Nightlord. Arnice is swayed by the Curia, who remain mysterious.

  • Simon's Thoughts

    Simon, the manager of the hotel, works with the Curia.
    Why is he going out of his way to be so helpful?

  • Christophorus's Thoughts

    Christophorus, a pure-blooded demon, takes an interest in Arnice for being a half-demon, and sometimes cooperates with her... What are her real intentions?

  • The Black Cat and Arnice

    This cat that Lilysse found often appears wherever Arnice is, and acts in ways that may be helpful or just mischievous.

Finding Answers from Another World

The Maiden of Jorth's answers will change Arnice's fate.

  • Hearing the Reality from the Maiden of Jorth

    The Maiden of Jorth looks similar to Lilysse.
    What is this reality that she keeps talking about...?

  • The Altar of Jorth

    An altar for offering blood to the Demon Sword of Jorth.
    Currently, no one is capable of handling this blade.

  • Arnice's Decision

    The story will drastically change, depending on your answers.

As Feelings Grow, Tensions Rise

The struggles of life influences the bond of Arnice & Lilysse and develops tension until the Day of Sacrifice.

  • Everyday Life Begins Anew

    The day after deciding to become the Saint, Lilysse starts working as a waitress at the hotel. She starts a new routine until the sacrificial day.

  • An Extraordinary Life of Battling Fiends

    In order to protect Lilysse, Arnice must battle many fiends. As the story progresses, the severity of the battles against giant fiends increases. What will be Arnice's fate?

  • Lilysse's Thoughts

    Lilysse decided to become the Saint, all for Arnice—

  • Arnice's Thoughts

    Arnice wants her to quit becoming the Saint, but Lilysse won't listen to her.

As the story unfolds...

All to Protect Lilysse

Defeat fiends and gather information to advance the story.

  • Orders from the Curia

    To protect Lilysse, Arnice scrambles for alternatives to sacrificing her.
    She receives orders and information regarding the Nightlord from the Curia.

  • Battle with Servans to Discover the Truth

    By following orders and protecting Lilysse, Arnice continues to battle fiends.
    As you progress through the story, Arnice will grow.

  • There's Plenty to Do at the Ende Hotel

    After battling fiends, Arnice can relax at the Ende Hotel.
    You can also organize and recruit Servans there.

Orders from the Curia

Until the fated time, Arnice continues to protect Lilysse. Using the orders and information she gets from the Curia, she explores ways to protect her friend.

  • Real Intentions of the Curia's Orders

    The Curia constantly send orders to Arnice.
    Is the objective of these orders to seal the Nightlord? Or something else...?

  • Suspicions Arise from the Heart

    At the Ende Hotel, in addition to receiving orders from the Curia, you can get information about the Nightlord. There may be a way to seal the Nightlord without a sacrifice...?

  • Calm Moments

    While conflicted by unconfirmed information, Arnice and Lilysse spend a quiet moment together.

Battling with Servans and Uncovering the Truth

In order to carry out her orders and protect Lilysse,
Arnice goes on a mission.

  • Investigating the Disappearance of a Hotel Guest

    Arnice is told the Curia sent her a helper, but discovers that the helper is missing.
    Arnice goes out to search for the helper.

  • Search for Clues with Your Servans

    Arnice bypasses traps and defeats fiends with help from the Servans.

  • Search for Clues with Your Servans

    Arnice finds clues about the missing helper along the way.

  • A Giant Fiend Appears!

    After following the clues, Arnice finally finds the missing person.
    However, a giant fiend suddenly appears.

  • A Giant Fiend Appears!

    In order to protect the helper, the Servans and Arnice begin a fierce battle against the giant fiend.

The story of the two women continues...

Beautiful Woman X Destiny X Choices

After countless battle, Arnice still doesn't know how to seal the Night.
As the days pass, she starts to drift away from Lilysse.

  • They Start to Drift Apart...

    Arnice and Lilysse begin to argue a lot more. They are no longer in sync.

  • Orders from the Curia

    As tension grows in their relationship, Arnice receives new orders from the Curia.
    She is to bring the Saint to the altar to seal the Nightlord.

  • True Feelings

    But when they reach the altar, the Nightlord isn't there. They're told it's a fake altar.
    But, coming to this location reveals Lilysse's true reasons for choosing to become a Saint—so she can protect Arnice.

  • Having Fun Together

    Arnice has discovered Lilysse's true intentions. In the short time they have together till their next orders, they strengthen their bond by communicating their feelings to each other.

The Holy Knight's Decision

After finding out the altar was fake, Arnice is a bit disappointed, but she receives new orders from the Curia.
Although she's momentarily worried when Lilysse is nowhere to be found in the hotel,
by order of the Curia, she heads out to investigate.

  • Lilysse's Disappearance

    Lilysse has suddenly disappeared. Although she's worried, Arnice heads out to investigate.

  • Meeting the Holy Knight, Corrine, Again

    At the end of her investigation, Arnice meets a senior Holy Knight, Corrine.
    Corrine asks Arnice if she has the will to protect the Saint.

  • Lilysse Held Captive

    To test Arnice's resolve, Corrine takes Lilysse.
    She challenges Arnice to see which of them is more fit to protect Lilysse.

  • Your Power Will Prove How Much You Care

    In order to show her power and will to protect Lilysse, Arnice battles Corrine.
    To save Lilysse, Arnice takes up her sword.

  • Corrine's Secret Revealed

    In the past, Corrine drank the Nightlord's blue blood to protect the Saint.
    She tells Arnice to make sure her will as a Holy Knight is carried out.

Arnice's Situation and Challenging Her Destiny

"I'm going to protect Lilysse." That is the only thought that drives Arnice.
Until the fated moment, she has many experiences in The Land Without Night.

  • A Moment of Rest

    They enjoy little moments between all the battles, where they can forget about being a Saint and Holy Knight. Sometimes they enjoy Lilysse's homemade snacks and tea.

  • Servans' Wills

    Servans show a completely different side of themselves outside of battle.
    They have their own wills, and are very protective of Arnice.

  • Herself as a Half-Demon

    A fiend tells Arnice that she is closer to being a demon. She begins to struggle with the demon blood that runs within her, and her increasing desire for blood.

  • The Revival of the First Saint

    The one who originally sealed the Nightlord appears before Arnice.
    What could be the reason for the First Saint's return...?

  • True Feelings

    By opening up to each other, they find out about each other's desires,
    and their bond deepens.

  • Those Who Support Arnice

    Arnice is surrounded by strong, kind friends who support her.

They Share a Secret Notebook

Lilysse writes about her day in a notebook, and Arnice reads it.
Sometimes Arnice will give her presents.
By doing this, Arnice gets to know Lilysse on a deeper level.

  • Lilysse's Diary

    Lilysse writes down her feelings and what she wants in her diary.
    Arnice may find out secrets about Lilysse...!?

  • Gifts for Lilysse

    Sometimes Lilysse writes down items that she needs, and Arnice can give them to her as presents.

  • Arnice Receives Lilysse's Feelings

    Arnice receives Lilysse's feelings.
    It may only be by a little, but she continues to shorten the distance between them.

And She Gives Her Answer...

After deriving much speculation through battles, Arnice makes her choice.
Her strong will leads her to the Nightlord, and when she finds him,
Arnice delivers her answer.

Arnice Makes a Decision Based on Her Will...

Arnice overcomes many obstacles and defeats many fiends to protect Lilysse.
What answer does she come to when she confronts the Night...

Arnice's answer encompasses every last bit of her feelings—

Fighting Pure-Blooded Demons

Arnice gathers all the power she can to fight fiends.
Demons have strong wills, and can't be bargained with.
Arnice must challenge them with all her might.

  • Battle Against Christophorus

    Christophorus, who once gave advice to Arnice, attacks with sound waves from instruments. Why is she fighting Arnice...?

  • Battle Against Mistral

    Mistral uses the fan in her hand to battle Arnice.
    She also summons demons during the fight. A battle to the death begins now!

Extra Scenario

A Story That Starts at the End

A new story starts after the main story—the extra scenario.
It's a story about the innocent feelings of pure-blooded demons.
What kind of feelings do they have...?

Mistral's Feelings Regarding Humans

Arnice and her friends investigate the disappearance of a boy.
They find out the boy has some connection with Mistral, but the investigation takes a confusing turn.
What kind of truth will they discover about Mistral?

Christophorus's Feelings Regarding Humans

Arnice accepts an anonymous quest to eliminate a fiend.
Arnice gives the instrument she received as a reward to Christophorus, who comes out of nowhere.
The next day, Christophorus reveals the secret behind the instrument, and her past.

Master Using Servans in Battle

In the extra scenario, fiends are stronger than they were in the main story.
There will be new tasks added to the Arena.
Rely on all of your experience with Servans to overcome these challenges.

Fiends Become More Vicious

You will battle fiends who are far more powerful than the ones in the main story.
If you take these battles lightly, you'll be defeated in a heartbeat...

New Tasks Appear in the Arena

In the extra scenario, new tasks will be added to the Arena.
There will be better rewards, but the tasks will be more difficult.

Arnice and the Servans Will Grow Even More

In the extra scenario, Arnice and the Servans will grow even more.
To fight the more vicious fiends, the growth of your characters will be very important.

Arnice Gets Even Stronger

Arnice will surpass the limits of growth. Her stats will increase like before, and she will also unlock special skills.
You will need to train Arnice and the Servans to fight against the powerful new fiends that appear in the extra scenario.

Servans Exceed the Limits

In the extra scenario, the Servans can grow beyond their limits.
To go beyond the limits, you will need a special item that appears in the extra scenario.

I'm going to protect you and this world.

A girl who possesses
the power to defeat fiends.

A holy knight in service to the Curia.
After coming in contact with the Nightlord's blood, she became a half-demon.
Her half-demon nature has given her blood-drinking powers, and she fights with a demon sword composed of her own blood.
Though she seems like a calm, collected woman at first glance, she harbors a fierce passion deep within her.

Goodbye, Arnice...

A tender-hearted, compassionate woman chosen to become the new Saint.

The Saint who is destined to give her life to seal what remains of the Nightlord.
She has been close friends with Arnice since boarding school.
While she understands the Curia's expectations of her to a certain extent, she has already accepted her destiny as a Saint. Her nickname is Lily.

How to seal the night? Are you asking as a human? Or a demon?

A demon who masks her true desire.

A masked pureblood demon who lives in an opera house.
Raising her conductor's baton, she beckons the audience toward death as she directs her symphony of destruction.
She appears before Arnice every now and then to give her advice, but her objectives and actions remain a mystery.

My Lady... Please be careful...

The calm and collected hotel manager.

The hotel manager and the master of the cafe.
He can always be seen wiping cups and glasses, and whenever someone walks in he places a drink in front of them at the perfect time.
His hotel collaborates with the Curia, and it's Simon's job to relay messages and provide support to Arnice.

With his calm demeanor, he goes above and beyond to provide care and support to Arnice and the others.

...Now, show me what you've got.

A holy knight that exudes strength and gentility.

A veteran holy knight who has been active for a long time.
As Arnice's senior, she has been giving her advice ever since they met.
Though she conducts herself with nobility and faith, she sometimes expresses sadness. She can often be found at the art museum, but the reason is unknown.

Do not sully my sublime research with your filthy eyes!

A young runaway researcher.

A young man who came to the Ende Hotel.
He calls himself a demon researcher, but his suspicious motives stir distrust in others. In contrast to his eloquent appearance, he is constantly seen pursuing Arnice, begging her to be his research subject.

Despite my looks, I am a merchant who travels all over the world.

A merchant who has many faces.

A traveling merchant who came to the Ende Hotel.
A money-grubbing realist who would even sell fiends to people if he could. He gives many quests to Arnice, but they're all for his benefit. She often gets tired of him. He has vast knowledge of demons and the Curia, and it seems like he is more than just a merchant. As a coffee-drinker, he constantly argues with the tea-loving Alucard. The two of them get along like cats and dogs.

Arnice... Not a bad name. Her face is cute, too.

A demon who has mesmerized many humans.

A fancy and mysterious pureblood demon who lives in a palace.
She charms all who enter with her sweet aroma.
She came to the island in search of the Nightlord's soul,
but when she found out the Curia sealed it away, she shut herself inside her palace.

She sometimes leaves in search of something, but her objective is unknown.

Lilysse, you are able to stop that.

The first to seal the Night.

The first Saint who fought and sealed the Nightlord.
The Curia took up her will after she passed away,
and every time the seal gets weaker, they elect a new Saint to sacrifice.

She sustains her original form and appears before Arnice,
but her objective is unknown.

What are the Servans that fight with you?

Demons that, with the help of an item called a "Fetish," make contracts with Arnice. Use them and fight together.

Use unique Servans and defeat the fiends!

There are many types of Servans; attacker, support, etc...

Live With Servans

The key to fighting fiends is to
gain more knowledge, train, and utilize Servans.

  • Servans Fight on Arnice's Side

    Servans are summoned after making blood contracts. There are many different types of Servans that can fight alongside Arnice, with various fighting styles.

  • Servan Burst

    You can use SP during battle to unleash a special attack called "Servan Burst." The effect of the Servan Burst varies by Servan. They can deal damage to fiends or heal your allies.

  • Growth of Servans

    Servans grow by defeating fiends. There are many options for Servan growth. For example, they can change colors, increase in number, increase their stats, or learn abilities.

Introduction to the Battle System

Beautiful Woman × Servan × Transformations

The Power to Defeat Fiends

  • Transformations and Servans

    Transform to deal great damage to enemies and unleash your potential when fighting strong enemies. Use the abilities you gain efficiently, and turn the tide of the battle.

  • Weapon Change and Servans

    It is very important to change weapons according to the situation and fiends that appear.
    You can turn the tables with the additional ability of the Servan triggered by Weapon Change.

  • Unlimited Battle Strategies

    Bring Servans that will change according to Arnice's transformation and defeat the fiends.

Blood Awakening = "Transformation"

Making a Change With Transformation

  • Abilities That Surpass the Limits

    From wide range attacks to super speed, you can achieve the impossible!

  • Servans Power Up

    While Arnice is transformed, the Servans will equip an aura and power up!

  • Changing Servans and Transformations

    Arnice's transformations depend on the Servans that you set!?

  • Trump Card for Defeating Fiends

    Defeat fiends with the magnificent powers of transformation.
    Abilities differ depending on the form. Your combination of Servans can deal great damage.

  • Transforming

    In order to perform a transformation, you will need to charge the "Transformation Gauge."
    The gauge will charge depending on how many times you "chain" by attacking an enemy consecutively.

Changing Transformations

A transformation is displayed on the Servan screen. If a same colored mark appears, you will be able to transform into the form that appears on the icon.

Demon Form

A trump card that can be unleashed when the transformation gauge is at MAX. Deal powerful attacks while transformed!

The Transformation Gauge charges when Arnice and the Servans attack.

Manipulating blazing fires, she can burn
a wide area of fiends up close or from a distance.

  • Annihilate All Surrounding Fiends

    The biggest characteristic of the Demon Form is the wide range of attack.

  • Annihilate All Surrounding Fiends

    Abilities will increase during the transformation, and even if you are in a tight spot, surrounded by fiends,
    you can attack multiple fiends with pillars of flame that have a far reach, or flames that burn all nearby enemies.

  • Annihilate All Surrounding Fiends

    Transformation forms have many special actions, but the Demon Form's attacks are well balanced.

Rabbit Form

"Transformation" is an awakened effect of the blood that runs through Arnice. Arnice can change her form depending on the Servans she has, and reveal her true power!

A form that specializes in close combat.
Its speedy, flexible style can throw off enemies.

  • Defeat Enemy at Breakneck Speed

    In Rabbit Form, you can preemptively attack enemies or draw their attention by running around.

  • Defeat Enemy at Breakneck Speed

    The speed of the Servans also increase.
    The combined speed of Arnice and the Servans lets you defeat the fiends at your own pace.

  • Defeat Enemy at Breakneck Speed

    From jump kicks to tackles, Rabbit Form lets you perform actions like a wild animal!

Phantom Form

A Blue Nightmare Appears in the Eternal Night

In this form, the Servans in your party will become stronger and will automatically recover SP.

Attack from a distance, and recover Arnice's and the Servans' SP and HP.

  • A Blue Sharpshooter

    Phantom Form allows you to keep your distance and attack one-sidedly.

  • A Blue Sharpshooter

    The Phantom Form's strong attack lets you recover your and the Servans' SP, so make sure to use a lot of skills.

  • A Blue Sharpshooter

    A special skill heals HP in a wide area. It goes well with attacker type Servans that charge into enemies.

Armor Form

An Iron Half-Blood That Has a Tough Body

In this form, the defense of the Servans will greatly increase.
Combining this ability with defender type Servans is very effective against large fiends and demons.

The giant left arm is the biggest characteristic of the "Armor Form."

  • Well Balanced for Offense and Defense

    Armor Form specializes in "Crack Blow," which can knock enemies unconscious.
    It also increases Arnice's defense, and is a well balanced transformation.

  • Well Balanced for Offense and Defense

    The impact of the Armor Form's attacks can reach enemies at a distance!

  • Well Balanced for Offense and Defense

    The special attack is a charged attack with the left arm. The attack range is limited, but it has dominant impact, and it will destroy the targeted fiend.

Nightmare Form

Dark Wings Soar Through the Twilight

The Nightmare Form is different than other forms, and has a strong sense of ego.
The Nightmare Form is unlocked by accomplishing a special objective.

A Demon in Black That Will Definitely Defeat Its Enemies

  • A Reaper of Lives

    Attack, range, speed—the Nightmare Form has no flaws.
    It doesn't flinch when it gets hit, and it ignores enemy attacks.

  • A Reaper of Lives

    It also gives Servans the ability to ignore enemy attacks.

Weapon Change

You can change your weapons depending on the battle situation!

  • Sword: A Simple, Yet Flawless Weapon

    The most basic weapon, a sword, is simple, but doesn’t have any weaknesses.

  • Sword: Recommended Servans

    To emphasize the balance of the sword, use attacker, defense and recovery Servans.
    A stable party can fight for a long time.

  • Tip for Fighting With a Sword

    The key to using a sword is that you can use it in any situation.
    We recommend primarily equipping a sword and switching it out depending on the situation.

  • Gun: A Weapon to Target Enemies at a Distance

    A one-sided weapon that can attack from a distance. The special attack can heal Arnice's and the Servans' HP with a light bullet. This weapon excels at both offense and defense.

  • Gun: Recommended Servans

    Use defender type Servans or Servans with high HP.
    Arnice should attack from a distance and support the Servans, as well.

  • Tip for Fighting With a Gun

    It's best used when fighting fiends that attack a wide range, or stronger large fiends.

  • War Hammer: A Weapon That Crushes Enemies With One Swing

    The war hammer drags nearby enemies into the attack.
    It adds the "Unconscious" effect to the weapon and Servans.

  • War Hammer: Recommended Servans

    Mainly use Servans that can lure enemies closer. The war hammer excels in attacks that involve surrounding enemies so that it can attack more enemies at once.

  • Tip for Fighting With a War Hammer

    It is highly effective against large fiends because it can stun them.

  • Daggers: Weapons With Overwhelming Movement and Actions

    Daggers slice enemies with an abundance of actions and aggressive movements.
    They add the "Bleed" effect, which can cause an enemy to bleed.

  • Daggers: Recommended Servans

    Use Servans with increased actions, and aim to annihilate the enemies.
    Since they lack healer type Servans, Arnice has to support them.

  • Tip for Fighting With Daggers

    Since you have an action advantage, you can one-sidedly attack the enemy. Also, you can ignore the enemies defense while damaging them, so they're highly effective against enemies with high defense.

  • Long Sword: A Weapon With Overwhelming Movement and Actions

    The long sword has the special ability of sucking the blood of the enemies it defeats, charging its power. The more blood it sucks, the stronger it gets.

  • Long Sword: Recommended Servans

    Use Servans that can maximize the long sword's specialty to defeat enemies.
    High attacks will make it easier to defeat enemies in a short period of time.

  • Tip for Fighting With a Long Sword

    With its size, the long sword can make preemptive attacks and hit multiple enemies.

Unleash a New Weapon

Depending on Arnice's growth, she can unleash a new weapon!

How Weapons Change Servans

Servans gain abilities depending on your weapon!

  • Gun Servan Ability: Frontline

    When using a gun, Servans will aggressively approach enemies and protect Arnice. All Servans will go out in front, preventing fiends from approaching so that Arnice can attack safely from a distance.

  • War Hammer Servan Ability: Unconscious

    When using a war hammer, Servans attacks can knock enemies unconscious, allowing you to land a powerful hit.

  • Daggers Servan Ability: Bleed Hit

    When using daggers, you can unleash "Bleed Hit," which can make enemies bleed, gradually reducing their HP.

  • Long Sword Servan Ability: Offensive Mode

    When using a long sword, you can unleash a powerful skill against enemies.
    When Servans defeat fiends and the long sword sucks their blood, its attack increases.

Use Weapons Efficiently With Skills

Arnice uses various weapons to defeat enemies.
When Arnice learns skills related to weapons, her strategy can change.

Acquiring Skills

Battle related skills can increase weapon damage, and many of their effects can be felt right away, so it's best to learn these skills.

The more Arnice grows, the more skills she can acquire. Actions like "Dash Attack" or "Tackle" can change Arnice's strategy.

Examples of Skill Effects

  • ① Arnice is hardly able to stun the golem she's fighting. Eventually, she gets surrounded.

  • ② Change your weapon. If you have "Weapon Chain," which can connect your combos...

  • ③ Change your weapon to a war hammer and stun the golem. In the meantime, develop your strategies.

Raising Abilities With Items

You can gain items by defeating enemies or opening treasure chests.
By equipping them to Servans or Arnice, their abilities will increase and they will gain new special effects.

Gain Items

You can gain various items by defeating fiends. "Rare" items distinct from normal items.

The beauty of the Arena is that there are some items that you can only get there.

Use Items

Servans can not only equip items, but they can "use" them to increase their stats.
The item will disappear after "using" it.

Check the effects of the items when equipping them to Arnice. Items have special effects, such as "gun attacks home on fiends" or "nullify poison and paralysis."

Weapon Design, Revealed

Strategies Constantly Change

  • Transformation, Servans, and Strategies

    Select the Servans that are best for your play style, and think about their increased abilities when you transform!

  • Weapon Change, Servans, and Strategies

    The main thrill of this title is how you can change up your strategies depending on the situation to defeat enemies!

  • Skills, Servans, and Strategies

    Servans have their own HP and SP. You can time when to use special skills!

  • Changing Servans, and Strategies

    There are infinite play styles depending on how you switch your Servans: support, healer, attacker...!

Battle Large Fiends to the Death

A Battle to the Death Begins!

When fighting fiends, you'll eventually encounter large fiends.
A ferocious battle between Arnice and a large fiend begins.

  • Battling Large Fiends

    The highlight of the stage comes at the end—a battle against a large fiend.

  • You Will Encounter Many Large Fiends

  • You Will Encounter Many Large Fiends

  • Special Stage

    There are dangerous stages with various traps! For example, spikes shoot up from the ground, or bombs appear.

  • Defeating Large Fiends

    If you can't defeat a large fiend, try switching Servans and the way you command them. You'd be surprised how smooth it can go after changing strategies.

  • Defeating Large Fiends

    The key is to switch Servans according to your favorite play style and the large fiend's movement pattern.

Large Fiends X Servans X Arnice

Your use of Servans will determine how well you will do against the power of large fiends.

Sword Style Arnice

Servans: Support Type x 3, Defender Type x 1

Arnice leads the way in this style. This style is recommended for those who like action. You can enjoy the intense battle up front.

Servan Shield Style

Servans: Defender Type x 2, Attacker or Tricky Type x 2

A style where you make defender and attacker type Servans fight the boss while Arnice or healer type Servans support them. Tricky type Servans can warp and avoid the boss's attacks.

Balanced Style

Servans: Support Type x 2, Defender Type x 1, Attacker Type x 1

A style where mainly Arnice takes control. It's well balanced, due to the support type Servans, and is recommended for everyone. It can handle just about any situation.

Special Style!

Servans: Attacker Type x 4 or Tricky Type x 4

A style that uses only attacker or tricky type Servans. Arnice can attack from behind the attacker types. It's a "guns blazing" style where everyone goes all-out.


Desden, and Arnice's Growth

When you offer blood, which you acquire in other worlds,
you can strengthen Arnice.


Dress up in more soothing clothing and perform Desden.
Depending on your level, your stats may increase, and you may learn skills for Servans.

Servan Growth and Changes

Servans get stronger through experience points received from defeating enemies.

Gain Experience Points

Growth and Abilities

The Servans Arnice summons gain experience points after finishing the stage.

Not only will Servans' stats increase, but they will also learn abilities. And, some Servan skills will change.

Changes From Growth

When Servans grow, their stats and SP increase, and some will also increase in number.

Ende Hotel/Arena

Things to do at the Ende Hotel

You can make preparations to fight fiends at the Ende Hotel.
It even has an arena in the basement.

  • Create New Contracts with "Actualize"

    You can use fetishes to form contracts with new Servans.
    The fetish you use will determine which Servan you will get.

  • Living With Servans

    At the hotel, you can switch Servans and equip them with items.
    Servans live in the hotel, as well, so you can check up on them.

  • The Connection Between the Hotel and the Altar of Jorth

    The Altar of Jorth, where Arnice grows by offering blood, is accessed at the hotel.

  • Daytime Actions

    You defeat fiends at night, but you can also choose what to do during the day, which is one way to learn skills.

  • Sell and Trade

    At the Ende Hotel, you can buy and sell various Servan-related items.
    Also, as the story progresses, you can trade for rare items.

Receive Various Quests Every Day

Quests are usually to defeat fiends, but some are different.
You may receive money or item as rewards for clearing quests.

  • Select the quest you'd like from the list.

  • Some quests let you enjoy unique events that show different aspects of characters that aren't revealed in the main story.

  • Depending on the quest, you may even discover mysterious truths about demons.

  • Through these quests, Arnice will witness various sights and discover hidden pasts.
    Will her indomitable mind change after knowing everything...?

A Place for Continuous Battles

There is an Arena in the depths of the Ende Hotel where powerful enemies await.

  • A Gathering of Those Who Seek Power

    The Arena is where you test the might of you and your Servans.
    You can battle strong enemies, or face challenges under unusual circumstances.

  • Arena Challenges

    Arnice and her Servans' power will be put to the test.
    The complexities of the Arena increase as the story progresses.

  • Tasks and Rewards

    There are various tasks while battling in the Arena, such as time and skill limits.
    Some rewards can only be obtained from the Arena!

Arena X Tasks X Technique

Various tasks are given to Arnice at the Arena. You can apply techniques you learn from being placed under certain limits in actual battles!

  • Epic Battles Against Large Fiends!

    Command large Servans to challenge large fiends. An epic battle of giant proportions.

  • Chain Race Rhapsody

    Defeat infinitely respawning enemies to get a set amount of chains within the time limit.
    The key is how you approach the enemies that appear.

  • The Challenge of the Half-Invisible Maze

    A task to navigate a maze with half-invisible walls while defeating fiends.
    The key is the teamwork between Arnice and her Servans.

Defender Type

Defender Type

Wood Golem

A Servan that used to be a big tree.
It uses its big body to act as Arnice's shield.
It uses its special skill, War Cry, to lure enemies toward itself.

Tricky Type

Tricky Type


A Servan that likes to pull pranks.
Despite its young looks, it warps from a distance and
punches or sets up barriers.

Support Type

Carrier Cat

A greedy support type Servan.
When it finds a treasure chest, it opens it right away,
even in the middle of a battle.
It has a skill that increases the speed of surrounding Servans.

Support Type

Support Type


A healing specialist that heals its allies.
It's fragile and is easily defeated.
It has an obedient(?) personality, and does whatever it feels like.

Support Type


A Servan that excels at healing and support.
It addresses Arnice as Master, and cherishes Arnice more than just a master-Servan relationship. It stays close to Arnice during battle in order to support her right away.

Support Type


A support type Servan that creates a field that enhances allies' stats. Unlike Gnomid, who is the same race of monster, it has a big sister personality.

Attacker Type

Attacker Type


A Servan that corners enemies with its quick movements.
It uses powerful skills, like paralysis attacks, tackles, and aerial attacks. It has a very intellectual personality.

Attacker Type


A Servan that aggressively charges toward enemies.
It attacks multiple times, and doesn't allow enemies to counterattack.
It's small, but has a boorish attitude.

Attacker Type

Bronze Leo

A heavyweight attacker Servan that has high abilities and deals powerful hits. It uses skills that lower the enemy's strength.
It's a confident, experienced Servan, but it sometimes tries to act like a statue, showing off its childish side.

Attacker Type

Steel Hellion

An attacker type Servan that specializes in powerful attacks.
Its attack varieties include close, far, and wide range attacks.
Its power is magnificent.

Attacker Type

Night Stalker

An attacker type Servan that dives into the ground and slashes the enemies from out of nowhere.
It speaks like an elderly person, and rumor has it, it has fought the Ruler of the Night.

Follower Type

Follower Type

Toy Sentinel

A Servan that follows Arnice's orders, just like a real soldier.
It thinks only of Arnice, and will charge into enemies on her order.

Follower Type

Mine Bomber

A follower type Servan that circles around Arnice, and explodes when it runs out of HP.
It trains every day so that it won't explode so easily.
Its motto is "safety first."

Follower Type

Toy Trooper

It increases in number as it grows, and performs raging attacks.
It specializes in attacking enemies that were blown back and flew through the air.

Magic Type

Magic Type


A magic type Servan that has many fire element skills.
It shows its true powers when it attacks an enemy's weakness.
It's brimming with curiosity, so it charges into enemies, even though it's a magic type.

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