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Burlingame, Calif.—February 26, 2016—

Today we revealed information regarding the demon-fueled abilities available to players in Nights of Azure, a dark, demon-centric adventure and brand new IP from the studio behind the long-running Atelier series, GUST. Opting to fight fire with fire, Nights of Azure protagonist Arnice has the ability to shift into various demon forms as well as the power to create and summon demon allies, who serve by her side when she ventures in the battlefield.

Known as Servans, Arnice’s diverse and lively cast of demon helpers act as healers, attackers, defenders, tricksters, followers, and mages, and ultimately serve to assist Arnice in battle. Arnice can upgrade and equip Servans at the Hotel (her base of operations), and carefully organizing a balanced team of up to four Servans based on a mission’s objectives is key in successfully completing the requirements of each task. Additionally, Servans have unique, quirky personalities of their own, so it’s always entertaining to see how each Servan reacts when teamed up with others.

Another element to consider when organizing a Servan team is their ‘transformation factor,’ which determines which form Arnice will take when transforming into a demon! Arnice can shift into five different demon forms, which depend on the sum of the transformation factor attributed to her Servans. The basic form, Demon Form, gives Arnice the power to manipulate fire, Rabbit Form lends her unnatural speed, and Phantom Form transforms her into a blue sharpshooter, allowing her to strike from a distance. The well-balanced Armor Form—one of the game’s strongest forms—increases both Arnice’s offensive and defensive attributes, and last but certainly not least, Arnice can transform into an overpowering demonic creature when she takes on the Nightmare Form!

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