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Why did you choose Yamato Takeru as the Servant of the protagonist Iori?
The story takes place in the city of Edo and Miyamoto Iori, our protagonist, is a real person in history.
I intuitively felt that the main Servant should be a mythical figure that all Japanese people know, and both heroic and tragic at the same time. Furthermore, they would be a top-ranked "Saber".
That left me with only a few candidates, and Yamato Takeru shined the brightest among them. But as someone so well-known, I felt nervous that "we are finally going to tackle Yamato Takeru...".
We believed that if we're going to do this, we must create a character that everyone will be satisfied with.
(Kinoko Nasu)
What did you have in mind when depicting Yamato Takeru for "Fate"?
Yamato Takeru in this title is multifaceted.
They are a heroic spirit who is at the same time a hero that shines in legend, a fighter who kills both humans and gods, and also a tragic prince.
In the story centering on the Waxing Moon, they are not only Iori's partner, but also another protagonist.
Of course, it is important to establish a character who bears these elements, but I kept in mind to portray them as a living person, or, more precisely, as a being who was once a living person, when writing and rewriting the story.
Even though they have supernatural abilities and speaks in a detached manner, they are portrayed as a human being who has a heart just like us and knows about tears and love.
(Hikaru Sakurai)
What did you keep in mind when coming up with ideas for the character design of Yamato Takeru?
I have been doing this for all Fate titles - when I design a character based on a hero, I try to include the image and symbols of the character to make them more attractive.
We went through a process of trial and error with Yamato Takeru, aiming for a design which is not too easy to guess the true name, but will be found reasonable when the name is revealed.
However, I already had a rough image from the beginning, so I was able to put it together into the current design without much hesitation.
In fact, the most difficult part was the hairstyle. After Rei Wataru completed the drawing, we brushed up the design to enhance the impression of the face.
(Takashi Takeuchi)
What do you find is the most fascinating characteristic of Yamato Takeru?
Strong. Powerfully noble, dignified and ...... yet cute!
What Yamato Takeru's most fascinating characteristic is really depends on how players perceive this character.
Personally, I am impressed by the wonderful character design by Takashi Takeuchi, the beautiful artwork and different facial expressions created by Rei Wataru, the lovely and sophisticated acting by Hibiku Yamamura, and the exquisite 3D models and direction by the development team from KOEI TECMO, and more.
To me, this character is attractive in every way.
(Hikaru Sakurai)