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Mysteriously disappearing children. Rumors of evil spirits in Yoshiwara.
A strange voice calling out to Miyamoto Iori. A suddenly attacking bird monster.

In the midst of all these strange incidents, Yui Shousetsu appears in the form of a child and declares that if nothing is done, Edo will be destroyed.

With the Spirit Font in turmoil, aspirants of the Waxing Moon join together to face a new anomaly.

Among them is a newly arrived Servant, an unrivaled spear-wielder, Rogue Rider Zhao Yun.
“Feel the sting of Zhao Zilong's spear!”


New Servants "Zhao Yun" and
"Rogue Berserker" join the battle

The third DLC features Zhao Yun, a hero of the Three Kingdoms period.

As a "Rogue Rider", he is connected to the leyline of Akasaka and is searching for his “young prince,” who was kidnapped by a bird monster.

An officer of the Three Kingdoms period, he displays brilliant spear-handling skills. He is also able to mount his beloved horse, “Bailong” which is the reason why he became "Rogue Rider”, enabling him to unleash his attacks even more swiftly.

If the conditions are met, Zhao Yun and Rogue Berserker will be able to accompany you as a Rogue Servant in the main story.

New skills for Iori and Saber

“Fearless Foray” is a Secret Technique that Iori can learn from Rogue Rider.
The sensational move showcases a rotating slash while cloaked in flames!

This Secret Technique can interrupt the dangerous attacks of powerful enemies.
In addition, a new skill tree for Saber and a new Affinity Technique, “Maelstrom”, along with new mountings, have also been added.

A tale involving all those
who fight the Waxing Moon Ritual

Miyamoto Iori and Saber are lured by a voice echoing around the area.
“My dear child...”

Here, they meet a mysterious woman, but after she soon vanishes, they find a mysterious and dangerous “bird monster”.

The Spirit Font and Edo are in turmoil.

In this new stage, those who have wished for the Waxing Moon join forces to fight against the strange phenomenon that threatens Edo.


Zhao Yun
CV / Yohei Azakami 
Character Design Draft / Ototsugu Konoe

Zhao Yun served a long time under Liu Bei, the founder of Shu Han, and later under his son, Liu Shan. He also earned the trust of the renowned strategist, Zhuge Liang.
Liu Bei described Zhao Yun as "fearless" for his acts of valor.
Alongside Guan Yu and Zhang Fei, he is depicted as one of the Five Generals of Shu Han in the novel "Romance of the Three Kingdoms", which recounts his illustrious millitary achievements.

Yui Shosetsu
(Child form)
CV / Mutsumi Tamura
Character Design Draft / Rei Wataru

Yui Shosetsu, who chased a bird monster to Asakusa, is transformed into a small child due to an interference at the leyline.
To return to their true form, Shosetsu chooses to partner with Rogue Rider.

Rogue Berserker
CV / Kaori Nazuka
Character Design Draft / Hotosowaka

A servant that is summoned when the disturbance at Asakusa takes place. She appears to be deeply involved in the case.

How to Play

In order to play the "Record's Fragment: Bailong and the Crimson Demon" DLC, you need to play the base game until reaching the point to talk to the boss in "Seek the Heroes That Survive" (Chapter 3).
Once you are able to move freely on the Edo Map, please select "Record's Fragment: Bailong and the Crimson Demon" on the map to begin playing.


As the magic power of the Ritual swirls around Edo, strange happenings occur.
Tsujigiri, a murderer of tremendous skill. A mysterious deadly blade.

Miyamoto Iori and Saber, who are investigating the situation at the behest of Sukenoshin, are confronted by a swordsman of superior skills. A Servant.
Is this the rumored Tsujigiri?
Just as they wonder, the Servant suddenly lowers his sword to introduce himself.

“...I am Yagyu Munenori.
A figment of human history, and now a swordsman with no master.”

A newly arrived Rogue Saber, a master of swordsmanship, whose True Name is Yagyu Tajima-no-Kami Munenori.
What is his purpose? And what is his connection to Tsujigiri?
Accompanied by the new Servant, Iori and Saber traverse the blood-soaked streets of Edo.


New Servant "Yagyu Tajima-no-Kami Munenori" joins the battle

In DLC Vol. 2, Yagyu Munenori will appear in the game in his younger form as a Rogue Saber.
When controlling Yagyu Munenori, you will see him fully enjoying the world of Edo: petting cats and dogs, enjoying Uogashi, and asking Sukenoshin, who has become a good friend, for recommendations on taverns.

Sword Masters Assembling Under the Moon

Miyamoto Musashi smiles in the moonlit night.
In DLC Vol. 2, the story of the sword masters gathering under the moon unfolds.
What will she think in the face of Yagyu Munenori, whom she fought to the death in another world?

More New Skills

Iori can learn the Secret Technique "Fleeting Edge" from Yagyu Munenori.
In addition, there will be a new "mounting", and a new skill tree, "Vijnana", where new magecraft can be released.


Yagyu Tajima-no-Kami Munenori
CV / Chikahiro Kobayashi 
Character Design Draft / Showichi Furumi

A Rogue Saber who has come to this world through Ueno.
He immediately slashes at Miyamoto Iori during their encounter. However, when he hears Iori's name, he puts his sword back and reveals his true name - Yagyu Tajima-no-Kami Munenori - as he apologizes for his rudeness.
As the son of Yagyu Ishifusai and the father of Yagyu Jubei Sangen, he was a genius swordsman and posthumously praised by Iemitsu as a "master of swordsmanship".
After Iori asks him for support, he offers to help in the search for the real criminal.

How to Play

In order to play the “Record's Fragment: Yagyu Sword Chronicles” DLC, you need to reach “My Mind Bides on the Battlefield” (Chapter 3) in the base game.
Once you are able to move freely on the Edo Map, please select “Record's Fragment: Yagyu Sword Chronicles” on the map to begin playing.


The boss of Babyloni-ya summons Masters and Servants to a mysterious arena,
where he suddenly announces the commencement of Keian Command Championship without giving much explanation.

Whether true or not, the winner is rewarded with a wish granter that outshines even the moon.
As the Divine Spirit Ibuki-Douji smiles bewitchingly behind the scenes,
the contestants fight in this extraordinary tournament, each with their own motives, be it to fulfil their wish or to challenge worthy opponents.


A dream match-up where you can choose which team to play as!

There are seven different teams in the Waxing Moon Ritual, allowing you to play through seven different routes. You will be able to control characters other than Iori and Saber in the tournament, including the newly playable Rider. Enjoy the tournament from multiple perspectives that were not depicted in the main story!

New character dialogues and endings unique to each team!

In between the matches, you will view new cutscenes and learn more about the characters. If you manage to win the tournament, you will unlock an ending sequence unique to each team.

A new Servant Ibuki-Douji joins the battle, and the boss can now accompany you!

The Divine Spirit Ibuki-Douji, the Divided Spirit of Yamata-no-Orochi, will appear in the game. Witness her tremendous might in the tournament. Depending on which team you choose to play as, you may also control Ibuki-Douji and fight through the matches. Once you meet a certain condition, you can have Ibuki-Douji and the boss accompany you as Rogue Servants in the main story.


CV / Aoi Yuki
Character Design Draft / RAITA

A Ruler Servant.
She is the Divided Spirit of Yamata-no-Orochi, a great monster enshrined as "the Great God Ibuki". It seems that she has something to do with the Keian Command Championship held by the boss.

How to Play

In order to play the "Record's Fragment: Keian Command Championship" DLC, you need to reach “My Mind Bides on the Battlefield” (Chapter 3) in the base game. you need to play the base game until you are able to leave Akasaka in the second chapter "An Exchange of Vows".
When you can move freely on the Edo map, please select "Record's Fragment: Keian Command Championship" on the Edo map to play.

Available at a discounted price as a set!

Season Pass

Includes all three DLCs at a discounted price.

DLC1 Coming Soon
  • DLC 1 - 3
  • Season Pass Bonus: Hallowed Relic Sword Mountings

  • To play the content of the Season Pass, you must purchase the base game.
  • In order to play some of the content in the Season Pass, you must have progressed a certain amount in the base game.
  • The Season Pass includes all three DLCs at a discounted price.
  • The Season Pass and each DLC are also available separately. Please be careful not to make a redundant purchase.
  • The Season Pass Bonus "Hallowed Relic Sword Mountings" are special weapons for Miyamoto Iori that can be equipped in-game.