In "Atelier Escha & Logy Plus" there will be new story chapters that go deeper in to Escha and Logy's relationship which was not in the PlayStation®3 version.
Depending on how your progress in the game , you will decide how the new chapters unfold for the two. Will you choose to keep them as friends? Or develop their relationship into something more?
Atelier Escha & Logy Plus" will focus on the relationship episodes between the two. You might enjoy the story even more as the two get closer!
A major feature in this title are the new episodes. These episodes occur between the main story and will change depending on your choices.
The bond between the two will grow closer with the help of those around them.
The new episodes are written in each of the main character's perspective. Here we will showcase the two's thoughts and feelings!
For Escha
For Logy
Escha: "It's weird that you seem to know me better than I know myself."
Escha: "That's why it's a lot of fun now that I got to meet you and the others. "
Escha: "I only ended up causing nothing but trouble..."
Logy: "Am I... Am I no good?"
Escha: "I feel like we could go anywhere,"
Logy: "You're the one who managed to drag me out of my shell..."
The finale that the two has seen beyond their dreams...
Escha: "Okay... I promise."