Trapmobiles are enchanted mechanisms that move at the direction of a magical source. They can be found in certain stages, and are far more destructive than regular traps. It is said that finishing off an enemy with a trapmobile triggers a special effect...
Choose whether to use the Elaborate, Sadistic, or Humiliating-style horse based on the other traps in your combo and the type of Exp. you would like to earn.

  • A standard launching trap like the Springboard should be enough to help your rider up into the saddle. First let's try out the Elaborate style Trinity Horse.

  • If the rider lands successfully, the Trinity Carousel will activate and the ride will continue for 1.5 rotations. It will be all your victim can do to keep in the saddle during this time, so take this chance to get in some easy damage!

  • As soon as the ride is over, the Trinity Horse will throw off its rider, causing her to shoot up into the air like a piece of bread popping out of the toaster. Our victim here was lucky enough this round to miss the buzzsaw set up overhead.

  • After hitting the roof, the victim bounces off and lands outside the carousel. Hit the switch while the ride is still in motion, however, and with the right timing your victim will hit one of the traps fixed overhead for a Death by Trapmobile event.

  • Trinity Spike is the Sadistic member of the carousel. One look at the cruel metallic spikes sprouting from its armor should be enough to understand why.

  • Finally, the Humiliating style Trinity Delta. It has a sharp, pointed edge in place of a saddle that deepens the pain and humiliation with every gentle up-and-down movement of the carousel.